It’s good to be alive.

I think that if the first thing you saw in the morning was someone who looked genuinely happy then you’d have a really good day. dead filmaker is helping me test out my theory. I know it put a smile on my face to start the morning off right.


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79 thoughts on “It’s good to be alive.

  1. assuming that he’s straightedge (X’s on hands), the amazing black work, healthy stretched piercings and not to mention the fact that’s he’s down right ADORABLE.. he’s a boy after my own heart. sigh,

  2. Agreed. #5.
    Looking through his list of tattoos on his iam I can’t say I’m too fond of many of them. His blackwork and stretched piercings are awesome though.

  3. Would you say a comment saying “what a tool” is a) appropriate, constructive and necessary, or b) childish, uncalled-for and something that makes the person making the comment become the subject of the comment?

  4. I love alex =] this picture def cheered me up. and firstly @ the few attendees of “tool academy”. oh no he has straight edge tattoos on him!? I thought this website was about accepting everyone for ewhat they have and devesions they make. then again, any community has its few people who will try to ruin things.

  5. Hey it’s Pauly Unstoppable, well part of him. How old is the blackwork on the left arm? It looks fresh and solid.

  6. I don’t understand why this site turned into such a disrespectful hate fest. That’s pretty much all I see now.

    Other than that, Alex looks GREAT!

  7. i agree Catherine – if you can’t say something nice dont say it?

    im liking the black work, very cool – also is that Pauly Unstoppable i see?

  8. BME should be a nice little microcosm of respect and acceptance in a world that sometimes doesn’t give either. Everybody stop sucking please.

  9. “he’s a boy after my own heart”
    Too bad he’s Pauly’s boyfriend. But I see where you’r coming from.

    It’s odd to see someone with such a big labret and relatively small lobes, but it fits.

  10. yay i am on modblog what a pleasant surprise!! =)

    1)thank you every for your nice words!! they totally made my day!!!

    2) as for my straight edge tattoos,i have been straight edge for 8 years now its a big part of my life but i am not a dick like you all would like to think i am, almost all my friends drink and smoke and as long as they are not hurting others then its their body and their choice and i am not going to degrade them if they dont degrade me i have no reason to.i know alot of sXe people are assholes but please leave the assumptions at the door cz that line of thinking is like saying that every one with a tattoo is a criminal which is not true.

    3)my black work in these pics is several months old with the exception of my elbow area only being about a month old and there are no terrible tattoos hidden under it, i wanted a black arm and i have a black arm simple as that

  11. I think the pussy that keeps posting anonymous or as other names in an effort to somehow make people think they are diff people should probably just man up and show your face because obviously you have a personal issue with alex but don’t have the balls to acutal voice it to his face and must instead hide on a message board

    His black is not covering any tattoos he just wanted black

    And having seen any person all of his other tattoos I fail to see the bad ones you keep talking about so maybe you should enlighten us further

    Or shut the fuck up one or the other

  12. Just because someone has a black arm does NOT mean there are terrible tattoos underneath!

    I’m pretty sure Alex isn’t covering anything terrible.
    xomateo has a black arm, and he didn’t really cover anything with it.
    I want a black (or maybe green) arm and I’m not going to be covering anything with it. Some people just dig the solid black!

  13. All of you anonymous pricks need to quit being hateful. There’s no place for that on BME.

    I love his labret jewelry so much, but pretty much anything from Ana is amazing. I’m definitely jealous of how great his arm looks. I’ve been wanting to black out one of my limbs for a few years now. Maybe I’ll just get some terrible tattoos so I can cover them with black. That might make some of the people here happy. hahaha.

  14. How can someone call you a tool? You are not a jerk or self centered, or treat people like crap. You are one of the most considerate and sensitive people on this planet and would hurt a fly. And hi to Pauly too. Love u both <3

  15. Bones, It’s always nice to see you with a smile. And to all you assholes, Bones is a genuinely good person, and those are hard to find. Lord knows how many times he’s taken care of my dumb drunk ass. And if he’s happy, why the hell do you think your miserable, pathetic, internet trolling life is any better than his?

  16. Is the swastika thing a joke? or are you taking the ancient meaning of it. I still think its kind of risky to get at tattoo with so much symbolism for irony or shits/giggles.

  17. Feed your hate! Join the dark side of the force!

    sXe tattoos aren’t my deal, but looks well done. this is a perfect model of what i like seeing; healthy, well done piercing/stretchings and tattoos.

  18. His arm is beautiful. I love the sheen it has, probably due to the freshness. I also wish X’s were not related to straight edge, because visually it is appealing, but everyone has to hate.

  19. @madhatter:

    Generic tattoos? Are you serious? Well, no one get any more phrases across your knuckles, or script across the chest. Hell, no more Borneo roses or flowers! Those are so generic and unoriginal. You know, staples of the fucking tattoo industry. To think that someone shouldn’t get a tattoo of their belief because others has done it is foolish. All of you people are just looking for a reason to hate, and it’s stupid. Get over yourselves. Christ.

  20. It’s nasty useless comments like the ones being left anonymously that make me want to force a log in in order to leave comments so that people can’t hide behind a fake name to leave a rude meaningless remark.

    It would at least make the person go through some extra work before being able to comment. Though it would cut down on the nastiness. Thoughts?

  21. That labret looks great! I generally don’t like stretched labrets because the lip looks weird due to the way it goes up in the middle, but I definitely think there are some good stetched labrets and this is one of them.

  22. Rachel I really do think you should enforce a log in in order to post..

    There’s really no reason why people should be posting on here anonymously.. You also should be able to have the ability to block those people if they are being completely disrespectful to the participating community.
    There would really be no loss at all if they were blocked from the site..

    People really need to feel like they can submit pictures of themselves without being ridiculed and belittled by small minded people..
    There’s nothing wrong with not liking or not understanding a modification or lifestyle, but to attack someone without even having the face to own up to those words, is not only childish but uncalled for.

    It really makes people question themselves about submitting pictures and that’s not what we want.
    I’m sure everyone that cares about this site and BME would agree we ALL want to see more cool pictures… and we All want less uncalled for and hurtful remarks.

    I’m all for mandatory login.

  23. in this day and age, on a website like this, with content as wide as this maybe its worth having a log in for IAM members only and people who submit to BME? keep the 13 year old assholes out who enjoy piss taking on others lifestyle (but would be the 1st if we all took the piss out of them if we chucked shit at his lifestyle)

    anyway, apart from the childish posts by people with NO backbone or a hairy pair i dont hide behind a computer, alex, your tattoos are awsome, i dont really care about your sxc tattoo’s (since im not sxc but really give a monkeys who is) thats for you to deside to have what ever done to yourself, your labret is awsome, your arm is as black as a black thing.

    the haters, you are childish and if im honest, narrow minded, everyone here is here because of body modification, its the one thing that links everyone, i hope you are not on IAM (but i would not be shocked if you are) if you dont like peoples lifestyle, shut up, or fuck off

  24. on all the other forums and websites that have forums that i am on you always have to log in first before you can leave any comments

    so i dont see why modblog should be any different

    im all for a mandatory log in to post

  25. yes, i think so too.
    there are waaay to much haters posting on modblog. makes me just … not want to read the comments!

  26. oh, and off course … i love alex … damn you pauly for stealing him from me before i even got the chance :p that boy could get me to turn gay!

  27. I’m only 16 and I frequent modblog a lot. I don’t have a membership but love seeing people’s work. It is stupid and immature that people comment about certain pictures negatively, so I can see why needing to log in would be appropriate but I don’t think it would stop all the hate considering people could easily sign up just to start things as, sadly, that’s how low some people are.

    However, these photos are really cute and it’s always nice seeing someone happy. His stretched labret suits him and the black is surprisingly vibrant. It’s good he’s proud of being straightedge too, everyone should be proud of what they believe in, as for saying it’s “unoriginal” nearly everything in this world is. It’s near enough impossible to be completely unique as there are so many people and everyone is influenced by certain things, it’s a natural thing.

  28. I actually love reading the silly drama…

    But I think it should be mandatory for people to log in before posting. If you wanna talk the talk (especially shit talk), you should be able to do it without hiding your identity.

  29. I TOTALLY think there should be a log in to post here. It would make things so much less assholey…

    I was going to make a gay joke about assholes… But I’ll leave that one be… THIS TIME!

    But next time you all wont be so lucky!!!

    This also makes me super sad I had to take my labret out… It was but only a tiny 00g… With hopes of going bigger… But this whole economy and needing to take any job out there I had to lose it.

    ONE DAY!!! ONE DAY!!!

  30. this is amazing, i love blacked in limbs! thats a huge commitment when you dont have anything underneath.
    i would love to do something like that
    good look dude!!

  31. Your lip looks awesome, Alex. I can’t believe you’ve gotten it that large in less than a year! Also, good to see your lobes are doing better. It sucks that it was being shitty for a while. :(

  32. OMG the “tool” thing :0
    When I read it I thought it was ment like “tool for sex- as in HE LOOKS HOT(couse he does)” haha:)
    Im Norwegian but still, dident know it was ment in a bad way before i started to read the comments.

    Anda……. You look HOT guy hehe;)

  33. Yay ^_^ That really is some of the best blackwork I’ve seen yet, and I love your labret :o)0

    Ignore the negative comments!

    Go you!! <3

  34. So i saved this up in my tool bar
    and every time i’m having a bad morning
    i just look at this before i go to work
    and it cheers me up

    thank you

  35. I like the blackwork…

    That said, straight edge people are scum. Hope i never see you, because I’d rather not get my ass kicked for smoking a cigarette. Get a life.

  36. Something I learned when I was little: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it.” The haters on here should follow that advice. Having said that, the bottom line: if it makes him happy, and he’s not hurting anyone else, then more power to him. You only live once, you may as well make the most of it if possible. It’s because of the body modification community that piercings such as the nostril, helix, and navel are now socially acceptable whereas they were taboo 20 years ago (at least in my small corner of the universe). Ditto for tattoos. So please stop hating. It’s because of us that society is starting to become more accepting. If people start in-fighting and acting holier-than-thou, then we’re no better than those unmodified people who pigeonhole us all as miscreants and criminals.

  37. I actually don’t get people who get their shits and giggles from saying horrible things..

    Do you HONESTLY think they’re going to read the comments and think “My god! They’re right! I must go get this all reversed!”

    Of course not. Go clog someone else’s comment boards- seriously.

    I absolutely ADORE Pauly and Alex- my favouritest couple effar :D A true inspiiration to me- keep up the amazing work~! :D

  38. 50 bucks says this dude will regret all of that shit on him by the time he gets to 40. not hatin’, just straight up reality…

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