This is how I pray

So uhm, yeah.. I kind of overslept. Sorry Modblog but I have the sniffles and I’m freezing my toes off even though I’m in Los Angeles. I’m just thankful that they’re praying for me.

“well known foot fetish photographer, known for his heavily tattooed arms and hands with models signatures. from his years of photographing his preference .” – Collin J Rae
Mister in Nashville is the Tattoo artist for most of his signatures


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21 thoughts on “This is how I pray

  1. loving it, and what a dedication to his artform! I find it sad that he’s labeled as a “super creep,” when the majority of fetish-less erotic photographers (and more blatantly, pornographers) are condoned and considered a-ok.

  2. Well only a few label me “Super Creep” and doesn’t that come with the territory really? Some will love and respect what you do while ohters…well….will find you less than appealing. So be it.

  3. foot fetishes aren’t creepy. especially when we consider them in relation to other fetishes… if you end up with a dude/chick who likes looking at your feet and that’s the worst issue you’ve got, you’re doing pretty well.

    but this girl is cute. her feet look inoffensive (i’m not a foot guy at. all.). his tattoos are unique and i think they’re kinda cool to look at.

    thumbs up on this post.

  4. I wonder if he ever looks down at a name tattooed on his hand and takes a while to remember what she (or her feet) looked like :-/

    I love this! I think it’s awesome that he’s not ashamed of his fetish (as we’re all taught that only fetishes that are social norms are ok…which is pretty much watching porn and the occasional lame fuzzy handcuffs and that’s it)

  5. I don’t see why it’s creepy, Dan.
    I generally only find fetishes odd because I can’t relate to them, I look at feet and go “Oh hey, feet.” there’s nothing more to it than that. And honestly, it’s pretty tame compared to a lot of other fetishes.

    They do look a little messy, but I think the placement works well. There are about thirty visible in that photo, quite a collection. I wonder how many he has all up.

  6. Aimeeeee~, between the right and left hands / arms I have around 200 signatures. As a lad I collected baseball cards and related memorabilia, my favorite items in this collection were the few autographed baseballs that I owned, I was mesmerized by how unique each players signature was. This was in part the inspiration for the look and the placement of the names.

  7. Thank you all for I appreciate the discussion about the ink and the work. It’s important to have both lovers and haters and to perhaps change some minds (in either direction) along the way.

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