Body Mod News

Here are a few body modification related news stories that caught my eye.

No tattoo parlour deal for Old Town.

Geno Cassillo, owner of the nearby Brick House Restaurant, cited recent fights and a drug bust in Old Town, and said a tattoo parlor would bring similar activity.” – Am I the only one thinking “Sin City” right now?  Of course a tattoo parlour would mean more drugs and more fighting, right?  Right…

Rock Bridge senior Logan Parks’ tattoo is more than just ink.

“I’ll see that tattoo in the mirror, and it gets me through every game.” – More than just basketball, this family develops a tradition through ink.

Blackwood 79-year-old takes tattoo plunge.

You’re never too old for a new tattoo!

USF basketball players have tales told in ink.

‘This generation coming up, as time goes on, you can see the tattoos have meaning to them — you have a death in the family, a birth of a child, references to God and faith.” – College basketball and ink collide.

These Design-y Branding Irons Are Begging For a Hipster Following

“If you think about all the weird things hardcore hipsters do to their bodies already—DIY tattoos, safety pin piercings—branding doesn’t seem too far-fetched.” – Oh irony…  Someone hasn’t heard of a little site called BME.

11 thoughts on “Body Mod News

  1. That’s weird, it looks like they removed the link.

    I’m going to try and do a news post once a week. I wanted to throw one up quickly since I know it’s been awhile but barring any unforeseen circumstances, news should be a weekly feature again.

  2. congrats to jen for breathing some life back into modblog – maybe you should take it over from Rachel ;)

  3. I think Rachel does a great job! Variety, however, is always a good thing. I don’t know how Rachel does it, frankly. I’m nowhere near as busy as she is and I find myself short on time, what with support email to answer and essays to write!

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