21 thoughts on “Did that Hurt?

  1. This is amazing.
    Although, is it one long tunnel, or individual jewellry for each bit?
    Either way, it’s pretty damn stunning.

  2. I had to have my septum done twice in the same session to get it to sit right, hurt like hell. Can’t even to begin to squishy amounts of pain going through that high up in such condensed cartilage.


  3. By the look of it, the nostrils were punched (or pierced at a HUGE gauge) first and tunnels put in, then a smaller septum needle was pierced through the tunnels. That’s the only way I could see the second picture working.


  4. Ack. Had mine done once. The guy wanted to do it was a ten or twelve. Not the most terrible thing but it wasn’t at all pleasant.

  5. That is one straight piercing. Perfect! and not many clients would have the guts for this one! good job on both parties!!

  6. The nasallang is one of the only piercings that makes me literally squirm at the thought of it. The only other’s are ampallang and appadrava.

  7. @ 11.
    it dosnt look like it was done all in one session, hes probably been working on his nostrils for a while and had the nasal septum done after his nostrils were large

  8. I just saw this 6 years later. It wasn’t too painful tho it did bleed a lot obviously lol

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