Friday News Report

In what should be the new Friday tradition, I bring you body modification news!

The APP and Penthouse, together at last!

Check your local newsstand for the December issue of Penthouse magazine. Elayne Angel has a three-page spread of material from The Piercing Bible—with information from the APP. This article features advice on how to go about getting pierced cleanly and safely, in addition to discussing some of the more sexual aspects of body piercing (of course). The text is accompanied by photographs from Sean Hartgrove—the APP’s Conference photographer.

So run out and buy a copy of December’s issue of Penthouse. Just tell the news seller you really are reading it for the articles…

More news…

In Lakewood, Ohio, an eatery offers discounts for tattooed.

Tattooed ladies tell their tales in ‘A History’ – A book review from The Trib.

Tattoo parlour evolves into art studio. – I don’t know if I’d call that evolution. Since when are tattoos not art?

Donate to Toys for Tots and get free tattoo removal in Houston. – When kindness and lasers collide!

Do or Dye – The only salon that cuts and tats. Located in Florida. I remember a salon that did the same in Toronto a few years ago. I’m not sure this place is the “only” salon that *ahem* “cuts and tats”.

Cracking the gang code inside Santa Rita Jail, tattoo by tattoo. – “Deputy Mark Schlegel’s job is more like something out of a Dan Brown novel.”

Out of Canyon Lake, a gentler side of tattoos as a lasting testimony to love and family.

6 thoughts on “Friday News Report

  1. Just a heads up Jen,
    Lucky Souls Tattoo in Preston, Ontario tattoos, pierces and does hairstyling!

    🙂 I like the news though!

  2. Yeah I’m not sure why they decided to go with “the only salon that does this”. Maybe they just mean in their area.

  3. In LA it’s against the public health codes to have hair salons and tattooing in the same space. The little particles of hair flying around everywhere don’t seem that appealing to me!

  4. The one that used to exist in Toronto, they did tattooing in the back and hairstyling in the front. It was sort of like two separate places. But in one place!

  5. that Melt place is right down the street, and the 25 percent off will now make a $10 fancy grilled cheese $7.50…

    it’s a fuckin grilled cheese!

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