Happy Holidays from BME!

I hope Santa was kind to all of you. It wouldn’t be BME if I didn’t give you a little gift of my own! BMEshop is going to have a 30% off sale starting today until December 31st with the discount code splash5 dedicated to the lovely lady below who gave you all a gift for Christmas!


Be safe this Holiday weekend and we’ll be back to work on Monday. Sean may have a little something for you later this morning. You’ll just have to check back and see!





53 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from BME!

  1. AH! i’ve always kind of wanted to try that on myself. i second Inga’s question, what IS it like having sex with a pumped vagina?

  2. it doesn’t look too appealing…but I am also curious as to how it feels. More skin surface area?

  3. so pumping brings more blood to the location im assuming? does this cause pain? i know swelling, and expanding of tissue when you like have a pimple or clogged hair follicle, or gland can hurt like hell. so what does this feel like?

  4. This is horrid. I take back my negative comment about that subincision. This tops the bill. I usually only have positive things to say about most body modification but where is the class? Where is the artistic appeal?

    All I see is wasted flesh.

  5. @ashlyn– wasted flesh? it’s not like it stays that way forever. i don’t really understand the appeal ever, but it’s certainly not foul

  6. Oh geez, I sure as fuck wouldn’t want my shit pumped like that. I’m quite content with my pink the way it functions/looks now but, to each their own I suppose.

  7. This is one of those things where I honestly do not understand the appeal. Its not my thing, but if it makes her happy, then more power to her. I’m happy for her.

  8. I’m just curious, does repeated instances of this lead to any long term effects. Like, surely if you keep stretching the skin like that, it’s gonna loose its elasticaty and just straight up droop the fuck out?

    Also, any guys ever had sex with a girl like this? Any girls been fucked like this? I’d like to try it to see what it’s like.

  9. i think its fucking hot maybe not this one in particular but vaginal pumping has always been something id like to see IRL

  10. I used to work in a sex shop that sold Pussy Pumps;

    Apparently they “stimulate blood flow to the area which results in longer, more intense orgasms” the effect only lasts for around half an hour though, it starts to lose its “ploofiness” as soon as you take the pump off

    As for how it would feel- I would assume it would be the same as when a woman wears lip plumping gloss.. Cushy? O_O

    Not the most attractive thing in the world- but hey, whatever tickles their pickle.. Or overly inflated vagina lips in this instance 😛

  11. aside from the stupid comments, you should all know its BME, what did you expect> and un modded person with a normal vagina? lol

    i think its cool, not something id do if i had one, but still cool

  12. @ashlyn, i know this sucks, i come to this website to see classy, artistic tattoos of butterflies – the real mods, you know?

  13. kendal hahaha this is f,n scary as shit, ladies keep your pinks the way they are this is nasty and deviant

  14. That is so hot, does it depend on the vagina or lengt of time to get it to look like that? How long time did this take? I have tried with a couple of girls, but never got this nice effect.

  15. Now people I just saw a man that cut his penis off on here and a guy that pumped his junk up with saline. Those men got praised for being brave and kuddos for going through with it. This lady makes her pussy fat and I see nothing but shit talk. I’m not a fiminest nor do I agree with any of them on how they treat their body but come on stop doggin on this chick, I have seen worse.

  16. The whole ‘claw’ effect bothers me slightly….although certain flicks that feature ladies of this nature enable a glorious ‘wobble’ to their junk lol – kinda like the fascination that people have with bbws….although this mod seems to be more localised : D

  17. For a man it is a visual thing! If repeated MANY times it ‘can’ become permanent. And oh so sexy!!

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