Merry Christmakwanzakah!!!

Whatever holiday you celebrate, or even if you do not celebrate at all I hope all of our readers, contributors and friends have an amazing day.

A good start to a potentially amazing day is this set of pics from Dandy Ruby leigh, I know she was just featured earlier this month, but this photo set was just too cute not to use. All of her piercings were done by her hubby Zippy and her tattoos were done by Poch.


Two more from this set after the break.



32 thoughts on “Merry Christmakwanzakah!!!

  1. She’s not a great model, but she’s very pretty and I love all her work.

    Women wearing vintage shit is the beeest trend ever! So hot.

  2. It’s called pin-up, not “vintage granny shit”. It’s art, not porn. If you want girls dressed like Playboy, go look at Playboy, seriously.

  3. vintage looks like what it is… old and boring. Just like car design, sexy undergarments have been fine tuned over the years. But hey,if you’re into the look of aModel T,simply because you’re a trendster, that’s your gig. Me,I think women lookmuch better in modern gear.

    lol @ Sally for trying to “educate”me. hahahaha.

  4. I worked in a lingerie store for a while, and we carried pieces very similar to what she’s wearing in the photos. basic panties with garter straps, thigh highs, and bra. I do get a vintage feel, and personally I think she looks classy and sexy. but to each his own.

  5. Beautiful, nothing sexier than vintage, its been in the goth subculture for years and years

    And as far as classic cars, good lord if you can’t appreciate a 66 muscle car or a 58 chopped top we could never be friends.

  6. Much better than that read haired harlot further down! I frequent hot rod meets and own my own clutch of cars from the 60′s and 70′s, suspenders and pin up girls, tattoos and psychobilly music and burlesque, each to their own as you say.

    Well, she could ride in my V8 death trap anytime. hahahah

    Merry christmas

    Ry, UK

  7. i couldnt even jerk off to this pic, its not the chick , because she is very beautiful…. its that god awful tree, its a shade of pink that reminds me of puking in a carnival ride , and having even one laugh at me….. until i got so pissed off i beat them up….. then went to jail….while i was covered in blood and pink vomit……. i HATE that shade of pink…..

  8. Ryan, you’ve got your head on the right way ’round.

    “vintage looks like what it is… old and boring. Just like car design, sexy undergarments have been fine tuned over the years. But hey,if you’re into the look of aModel T,simply because you’re a trendster, that’s your gig.”

    Vintage is cool, nearly all modern cars look like shit, how dare you call me a trendster, your metaphor is awful, “fine tuned” my ass, fuck you.

    I like Ford model Ts, so I am a trendster? Seriously? I’ve heard some preposterous things in my life, but that is near the top. Since when has liking a Model T been “trendy”?! They sure as hell aren’t on used car lots. You almost never see them on the road. I don’t see the huge market for Aftermarket speed parts for them. As much as I wish I could, I can’t order a new Winfield manifold, Frontenac overhead-valve racing head, or Ruckstell two-speed axle for them out of a parts catalog. I can’t go down to the local NAPA or Kragen and get myself a new set of pistons or valves, or a new head gasket. They don’t carry the supplies to repour the rod and crankshaft bearings either. Seems to me like they aren’t very trendy at all.

    Modern car styling is “fine tuned”? How about a comedy of errors. The Pontiac Aztek. The Nissan Cube. The Ford Flex. The Toyota Prius. The Honda Accord. The Ford F-150. The Hyundai Sonata. I could go on all day. Mechanically, they do what they were designed to do, most of the time. Aesthetically? Dear god.
    Look up a 1931 Duesenberg model J, a ’53 Hudson, or a ’70 Plymouth Barracuda. If you cannot appreciate these vehicles, then that sure sucks for you.

    And finally, sexy undergarments have not been fine tuned over the years. The invention of undergarments is not an improvement over what originally was.

  9. An internet troll is someone who posts on forums in an anonymous fashion. Its clear that I am not, as i clearly have a fancy clickable link with my name, going to my real website.

    Erik, your metaphors aren’t apt in this discussion,as we can only speak of generalizations,while you pick out specifics..

    hahaha. you people are funny. it’s just my opinion that women dressing like grannies isn’t sexy. no need to get your bloomers in a bunch people. If you think that frumpy is sexy,more power to you.

  10. lol ian you crack me up,

    “oooooOOOoo i has i website, me no troll, me no trend setter, im a follower of all things new and bland go me”

  11. if you had IAM, and if you looked up my name (gandy) you’d find i have an IAM page lol

    “anonymous fashion” is not my trend you see.

    i only “sling” insults to people who are happy to dish them out.

  12. lol dude, i dont know who is and isnt on IAM lol so for now i’ll leave my foot where it is, on the floor

  13. laame yes why dont you two carry on such a stupid disagreement privately, i dont care about her bra and knicknaks i like her hair :)

  14. Ian, dude, what really sucks is that you have to be such a dick about things, are you 5? let me fight you because you’re going to completely contradict a dumb statement about underwear. 1.) how are they granny panties when they are almost completely see through? and 2.) whats the big deal, do you really have nothing better to do but post things like this on forums??

    thank you Stumble Upon for finding this, made my life so much better knowing idiots like Ian still exist!!!

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