It’s not from “A Christmas Story”, but it will have to do.

This well healed scarification piece on  IAM fanasien is the Auryn Symbol from the movie “The Neverending Story“. It was done by Wayde Dunn approximately 4.5 years before this picture was taken.

I like this scar for several reasons:

-It’s bold and should look good for a long time to come.

-It’s well incorporated into a tattoo, which adds great contrast.

-It’s a subtle reference to one of my favorite childhood movies.


Now if only someone would get “A Christmas Story” themed scar, that would be amazing! Maybe a red ryder bb gun, a orphan Annie decoder ring or a leg lamp, I am leaning towards the leg lamp…

14 thoughts on “It’s not from “A Christmas Story”, but it will have to do.

  1. Google it! There’s this sweet dog/dragon thing and its so rad. Great special effects…..kidding.

  2. The Neverending Story is one of my all time favourite books.
    The scar has matured quite nicely.

  3. There are photos of the rest of the leg piece on my iam page. The dog/dragon is actually a luck dragon and his name is Falkor, and he’s my favourite part of the piece for sure!

  4. FANTASIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One super awesome and uber-hot lady that’s more than deserving of ModBlog recognition. *glee* I’ve loved this scar since the day it was done, and the tattoos that go with it are absolutely amazing!

  5. ok im gonna be picky here…thats not the one from the film, the true design is two snakes wrapped feeding on each other in an endless loop and the scar doesn’t look like watchin it right now on itv3 here in the uk, its a great film.
    its a good piece of scar work though an it is nicely worked into the surrounding tattoo work.

  6. ok i keep lookin at it over an still doesnt look like it but now my eyes are playin tricks on me..someone help lol

  7. Wikipedia saves the day – – this is a screen cap of the Auryn amulet that Atreyu wears in the original movie. This is the image we used to create the design for my leg, though mirror reversed. We had to simplify it a little, make it bolder. Over the years the eyes of the snakes have sort of melted into my legs, but you can still see the gaps on the lower “dark” snake.

    If you look at this photo on my iam page of it taken right after the procedure was finished, you can see how it started out – .

  8. i know what the movie is, guys haha…that was just my guess for what it was from, without reading the picture search tags. sometimes my brothers dog looks a little too much like the Gmork, and freaks me out!

  9. My apologies you are correct, the freshly done pic is definatly a beauty shame that over time scars fade an blend hence why i was thrown off. so sorry bout that 🙂

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