It’s like pickles and ice cream…

…you know, those combinations that just don’t naturally go together whatsoever, but for some people they just fit? That’s kind of how I feel about this pair of butt cheek tattoos on IAM: Vomitrocious.


I, of course, had to inquire about the story behind this oddball pairing of tattoos and this is what I found out:

“The hand was kinda my way of expressing my displeasure with George W, my little fuck you to him,not really a great story with that one. I hated pretty much everything he stood for, and I lost a lot of my faith in the country. The cupcake is very personal. It was my gift to myself shortly after I started recovery for Bulemia. It was a very long struggle to get help and it nearly took my life. The cupcake is….a cupcake….Beautiful and delicious. The razorblade is to symbolize the disease, the pain and struggle that food is in my life. ”

I am not one for tattoos HAVING to have a deep meaning behind them, but I definitely enjoyed the stories BEHIND these. Bad pun, I am done trying to be clever now.

18 thoughts on “It’s like pickles and ice cream…

  1. oh… i also gave a tattoo representing my ongoing recovery from an eating disorder (anorexia). i’m going to send pics of it soon.. it’s a haiku which says “world of grief and pain, sakuras bloom, even then” and it has a lot of meaning to me, because i lost more than a year of my life feeling literally dead, without emotion, with my brain starving so much i couldn’t think, i couldn’t feel, my mom tells me i didn’t laugh for a long time… i had lost everything in my life, my career, because i couldn’t study, i had to left my courses, i left my friends, my boyfriend, everything, except my family, which probably saved me from commiting suicide.
    my initial recovery was the most difficult part of my life (if you’re still through it, please stick to it, it’s worth the suffering!) and i really, really felt that i was coming back to life. everything seemed brighter, i started enjoying the most tiny things that you can imagine, living everyday as if it were the last one. that’s what the haiku means to me… the world is full of ugly things, but also you can enjoy its beauty, find again the will to live and be happy.
    Although i’m not fully recovered yet, i can tell you, it’s worth it. you’ll discover how much you were obsessed, you’ll get your life BACK, you’ll learn again how to live for your personal goals and not for food, you’ll learn A FUCKING LOT about yourself and the people around you and about life.
    my advice is: get the best that you can out of the illness, tell your loved ones everything that you feel, even if you feel like an idiot or nobody understand. read about other people’s recovery. here’s a good site:

    good luck!!!!!

  2. I think people need to focus less on his ass an more on the tattoos. Why do you complain about non mod related pictures but then say nothing about the mods in mod related posts?
    I love the tattoos and the story behind them. I too struggle with multiple eating disorders, this is something that is very nice to see. Recovery is hard, because its something that never truely goes away.

  3. This chick has a hairy butt!!!
    It should have been photoshopped with less hair and more curves on it.

  4. i love it. i spent almost 3 years in a psych ward in colorado for paranoid schizophrenia , when i got out i got demon wings tattooed on my back… tattoos with strong reassuring personal messages are the best..

  5. I wasn’t complaining about his butt, but it’s part of the photo, why wouldn’t I notice it? People comment on how attractive a person’s face is without mentioning the mods how is that any different? As for the mods I really had nothing to say about them.

  6. @Client…you do realize that its a guy….right?
    That men suffer from eating disorders as well.

    I give you props Vomitrocious, so many men with eating disorders NEVER do anything about it because its labeled in society as a problem only women have and thats just not true. ! Congratulations on your recovery and good luck in the future.

  7. Amanda, are you as cute as your comment? I want to marry you.
    Even if your hiney is as hairy as this girls.

  8. client are you acting thick? this bum, is the bum of a man.

    men can and do have eating disorders, my borther had anorexia.

  9. some people are a bit too slow to catch on.
    don’t. feed. the troll.
    in case no one got it… the… first… time.

  10. Troll?……that’s a bit harsh.
    I was just joking around about the girl butt hair. I guess I’m the only one with a sense of humor here.
    Is it even possible for a girl to have a hairy butt like this? Maybe this girl should have it waxed off though.

  11. This artist needs to practice drawing hands more…
    The thumb is SO wrong…

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