Here is something I have been called many, many times.

A tattooed arsehole!


This extreme example of full coverage tattooing was done by  Simon in Aberaeron, West Wales. For a more vivid view and some procedural shots, click through.




56 thoughts on “Here is something I have been called many, many times.

  1. I believe it was Matt Gone (per the interview I did with him – too lazy to check right now) that got a mirror and actually did his own asshole and taint. Can’t imagine this sort of work is fun for anyone involved but definitely interesting

  2. OW he got his taint tattooed!
    I wonder how well that’s able to heal…what with the pooping and all
    Props for his dedication! Must’ve been one of the more awkward tattoos that artist has done…

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuwwwwww!!!!!
    He is not going to poop comfortably for some weeks,I’m sure.
    And I wonder how his farts will sound in the next days.

  4. I declare the last picture the Supreme Goatse,

    So, everyone:

    Bow down for our Goatse Overlords!!

  5. holy fuck. I can’t imagine how much that would have hurt… and what if you had to poop!!!! Wiping would be HORRIBLE!

  6. I, too, have to wonder how he’s gonna manage to crap during the next couple of weeks…..especially without getting an infection from fresh poo coming into contact with a fresh, healing tattoo.

  7. I too can’t begin to imagine the healing with something like this, I’m curious, though this isn’t for me. Infections must be pretty prevalent in these types of tattoos. I do commend him on his commitment to go this far in the name of full body tattoos.

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  9. Thanks for all the comments. Going to the loo is a matter of control, unless you have a bidet at work (possibly only in France?). Once the number two work is done, douse and wash the bum using the shower. Simple! As to healing, I just treat the new tattooing like haemorrhoids and use either Bepanthane or Germoloids creams. The healing time has never been more than a few days and no scabbing. Of course, each person’s healing is different so………..
    As to being on all fours, I couldn’t, not for long. :@)

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  11. I have contributeted to BME for several years. My tattooing is quite extensive and I also have some anal tattooing, though not so great as that of scotsjerry. Is it possible to send him an email or to contact him somehow? My own address is
    [email protected]

  12. I just find it hilarious that he hasn’t one tattoo on his hands & yet he goes to the trouble to get a big black ring of pain & possibly infection on his hole… whatever turns ya on I guess? :P

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