When hairstylists get even…

This is why you should always tip your hairstylist!  Aside from a large gauge tongue piercing (equipped with tint brush jewellery), we also get some nice 2ga nostrils.


21 thoughts on “When hairstylists get even…

  1. This one is tagged as BMEboys?
    Since when do boys wear fingernail polish?
    There should be another shot with him in his bra and panties also.

  2. Adorable! I’m loving his nostrils especially.

    #1, since when are you the arbiter of what “boys” do? We’re not in the 1950′s anymore, and he can wear whatever he damn well pleases.

  3. Boys wear nail polish since people in 2010 are more tolerant and ideally, less judgemental and less bigoted than in 1950. Also, thanks for exposing your prejudices with the shot at crossdressers and transgendered individuals. Really, if you’re bothered by gender bending and alternative lifestyles, you might want to stay away from this blog. Oh, and probably the rest of the internet in 2010.

  4. this person has some adolescent facial hair going on, so i hope its a boy
    besides the fingernail polish (and pantie/bra wearing?) this person does have some nice nostrils

  5. ok, 2 comments is more than enough. i say we stop the gender policing RIGHT NOW. kthx.

    love the nostrils, but – excuse the probably n00bish question – isn’t it kind of uncomfortable / icky when you have a cold or are allergic to something or for whatever other reason produce a lot of nasal mucus?

  6. Yeah, you guys are being kind of harsh. And not even about his mods. >__>;

    to #3, I would assume he probably just got used to it the same way a person would get used to having their septum pierced and blowing their nose or their tongue pierced and eating.

    I like his nose.
    And his scruffy face.

  7. okay.

    1) that is clearly a boy, and quite a good looking one too so WTF #1 and #2?
    2) back to mods, looking good but why pray tell a hair dye brush?

  8. 1) Of course it’s a boy, like I said he should post some bra and panties pics like all the “boys” wear.
    2) hair dye brush, tampon, whatever he has in his purse

    This dude needs to grow a set and BE A MAN.

    Everybody is right. It’s not the 50′s and good thing too as his father/grandfather would’ve kicked his ass for that crap.

    Body modifications are one thing, being a sissy boy is another. Is this pansyblog.com now?
    Lame ass scene/emo kids.

  9. Client, why do you think it’s BMEboys, not BMEmen?

    But seriously, the real reason that guys are wearing nail polish these days has a lot more to do with commercialism than anything else. Fashion companies are notorious for manipulating trends to trick impressionable people into buying their product. See the history of the razor, once something for men only, until the corporations started telling women to shave their legs and armpits and so on. It happens all the time. Critisize this kid for being a sheep, not for being a pansy.

    It’s funny how people who profess to be individuals are often the easiest to manipulate into buying their “individualized” uniform.

  10. Client, not all MEN are that great.
    I’d rather have a nice boy than an dickish man (like you seem to be) any day.

    And hey, I think a man in a bra and panties can be pretty hot. :D
    Reminds me of my freshman year of highschool. mmmf.

  11. proof that some people will find ANYTHING to have a bitch about while trying to prove their “masculinity”

    guys, it’s 2010, men can do what every thay want, that includes nailpolish, like it or lump it, just shut up about it,

  12. CLIENT, tell the truth…you have a crush on him and you’re confused…right? Don’t worry. We won’t judge you.

  13. Fuck the nailpolish, why is no one pointing out that he has a BRUSH through his TONGUE. How did this make it on ModBlog? So unsanitary.

  14. Hahaha Jesus H. Christ, I seriously opened the comments link thinking, “oh boy, let’s see how many people post completely unnecessary comments having nothing to do with this kid’s mods…” and lo and behold! I’d suggest starting to screen comments if that wouldn’t just be a waste of everybody’s time. Good grief…

  15. Im sure its healed, no harm. I was modblogged with straw through my septum, that was probably a lot more gross.

    Fashion is fashion, im sure everyone that posted against this kid looks like a moron to someone else. Get over it.

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