Thug Life

Not too long ago, I made my first ModBlog post when I interviewed the lovely Rachel about her art.  She let me know the incredible tattoo on her belly was now complete.  Behold, the awesome:


Credit goes to Erich Foster, owner of Rise Above Tattoo in Buffalo, New York.  Detail after the jump.


42 thoughts on “Thug Life

  1. I see pot leaves :]
    I have that bra but one of the buttons fell off :[
    and ring pops have always been thug i dont know what you’re talking about

  2. Thug Life is the philosophy of life by Tupac Shakur and if this is an insult towards a dead mans ideas and views, then it’s a real success. Guns, forties and this moments scene-must-have: brass knuckles along with ringpops and hearts? I think that’s more corny than “cute”..

  3. I was getting tattooed at the same time she was getting this finished. And yes those are pot leaves!

  4. THUG LIFE….. is that the same Rachel who complained about being mistaken for a thug at a steak house last month?

    ho hum

  5. joni- i’m actually a huge tupac fan… and he is my original inspiration for this tattoo… i’m also pretty sure that he was all about having a good time (as am i). i think the whole thing is corny and that’s why i like it. you don’t have to share my sense of humor… but this is hardly an insult. it’s a joke! loosen up!

  6. joanne, yes the same rachel, but it wasnt for HER tattoos a friend of hers was stoped and asked to remove his clothes to show them their tattoos and they desided that they where all gang members and asked to leave

    having “thug life” tattooed on your gut dosnt mean your a member of a gang, as she showed us when it happoned, herself and her hubby dont look at all “thug”

    so no need for your “ho hum”

  7. sorry, wrong rachel, one day i’ll learn to click on the links 1st :P

    still no need for the “ho hum”

  8. Yup not at all the same Rachel. :) I’ve also been sitting on this post for at least a week due to personal crap here at home. I’m happy to finally post this as I love the bright colours.

  9. Hahahahaha at Joanne’s comment. Too bad, that would have been perfection.

    The line work is a little uneven in areas on this tattoo. I don’t get why this little white girl from Canada got a cutue version of the great Tupac’s tattoo? It was not explained in the interview. I gotta agree with “Joni the Finn”, if you know anything about Tupac then you would know this is very wrong.

  10. The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone= T.H.U.G L.I.F.E

    so her tattoo makes sense, its violent but also colourful and adorable. it reaches its target audience, so to speak.

  11. Looks like a jumbled mess to me. And I think her stretched medusa makes her look awful

  12. im laughing at all you people who are all hardcore about how much you care that she got thug life on her stomach. its not your tattoo, and nobody cares whether you like or dislike tupac, nor do they care about your opinion on why you think she got it. let her explain it herself, dont leave little witty comments and insults you simple minded uuhhh…cant think of an appropriate word…fill in the blank for yourself.

  13. The tattoo itself looks well done and that’s a cute tummy. But shit it’s cluttered. Keep the “Thug Life” and the guns, Ring Pops, and brass knuckles. Lose the Lucky Charms bullshit. It’s distracting.

  14. Though I would have opted to not include the “thug life” text, I think its still pretty okay.

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