All of the bling without the ring.

When I first saw this picture of a microdermal in a nipple it brought me back to the days of nipple pocketing, which is a good thing because I was always fascinated by those. While the procedure for doing a micro in place of the pocketing is far less impressive, the end result is equally so.


This was done by Craig Kelley of Couture Tattoos, Canton Ohio.

27 thoughts on “All of the bling without the ring.

  1. I like it. But having had both of mine pierced, I can only imagine how painful that must have been.

  2. Hahaha! 1. : I totally agree- nipples are wierd 😛 This is interesting….I ‘m sure most people are thinking the same thing is me though- I want to see if it heals.

  3. Everywhere I’ve ever lived has been on modblog recently! Its done very well, seems to suit the anatomy. The idea of sitting through the process kind of makes me squirmy though! Its like the feeling of getting a paper cut. Bleh! This is obviously someone who is pretty familiar with the process though, So maybe it wasn’t so bad!

  4. Even though I can’t deny how aesthetically pleasing the nipple microdermal is, my nipples cringe every time I think about the pain and sensitivity that would accompany such a modification. My nipple piercings were the most painful of all my modifications though, so I’m being a bit biased.

  5. yeah, i made a kind of stupid “huh” sound when i saw it…i must say, i do like it ^_^

  6. Awesome! oh i do like this one! me… not the hugest fan of dermals… but damn i’d consider this placement! well done!

  7. I’ve wanted to get this for a long time but I’m scared of complications with breast feeding. my doctor advised against it and any sort of nipple piercing for that matter.

  8. OOooooh man. As someone who has both nipples pierced and stretched to 12g, and is also the proud owner of four microdermals…. I cringed so hard looking at this. That’s GOT to hurt. I love the way it looks though. Badass!

  9. I know this sounds rude of me, but if you’re going to bother shaving your entire chest, go the extra mile and pluck the last remaining nipple hairs that are hanging around. THEN this would be a pleasing photo haha 🙂

  10. They look good but, like the ones i did last year on Holly that were Modblog but it’s much harder to do them on a well developed female nipple than male. He is lucky that men have tiny nipples..

  11. Holy crap, I’ve met that piercer. I used to hang out around Couture and Art Bomb when I lived in the Massillon/Canton area. I didn’t know they were doing anything nearly that intricate.

  12. Craig,
    I just saw this, it looks awesome!

    PS I miss the hell out of you, hopefully we’ll be able to visit soon

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