Nothing says scratcher…. a crappy tattoo of a tattoo machine.

So if you are or ever plan on being a tattooer and you also plan on getting a tattoo of a tattoo machine, make damn sure it is a good one like this one by Randy Polillo of Dynasty Tattoo in Newfield, NJ.


19 thoughts on “Nothing says scratcher….

  1. When I first skimmed over the topic, and first sentence I thought you were hating on this tattoo. I was like “dude, that shit is amazing, Sean’s a moron. Then I read the rest and was like, oh nvm.

  2. i would have put a black outline on the machine frame… otherwise it looks like 2 different tattoos with one faded. But a very good tattoo nonetheless!

  3. very well done.. i’m hoping it’s not finished though.. needs an awesome background.

    it’s a pet peeve of mine to see such beautiful tattoos with no background.. nothing to make it “pop!”

  4. The chrome effect is really nice.
    It difficult to paint so I can imagine it would be odd to tattoo.

  5. loving the line weight variation from the foreground to the background.. it messes with the eyes at first till you start to realize its meant to shift your focus..
    Id just be getting pissed about the overspray on the machine if it were mine…lol

  6. Thanks a lot for all the kind word folks….I really appreciate it! Had a lot of fun with this one…. it’s on a fellow tattoo artist….. (Jersey, from Eternal Ink)

    -Randi Polillo
    Dynasty Tattoo and Body Piercing
    Newfield NJ

  7. The first Tattoo Machine Tattoo that i really like!!!!congrats to the owner of this ink!

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