New Shirts back in Stock!

Check out four reprints added back to BMEshop Full runs in womens small to X-Large and mens small to 2XL.

Depending on the shirt/size, there could be as little as one print of that shirt. I’m working on getting some classic shirts redone like “In case of Emergency this bandage can be used as a shirt” by Jasonthe29th. As well as some totally new designs. Help support BME and buy some new shirts!

Are there any other things people would like to see available in the shop? More tshirts are always obvious but what about key chains? Baseball caps? toques? other accessories? Any ideas are appreciated!

22 thoughts on “New Shirts back in Stock!

  1. baseball caps please !!!!! and some other stuff, maybe some underwear ? (with kinky slogans of course :)

  2. Definitely baseball caps…fitted and maybe with like the BME logo dude embossed like starting midway thru the bill across one side of the peak and continue partway over one side, not just smack on the middle of the peak

  3. Snow Caps!!!!! with the long ears! make a better selection of those.
    or the old bme shirt with the girl and the heart hanging from the genital piercing, I think it said “you never know who”

  4. Bomber jackets :D or maybe more girly type tops, i ended up cutting the pretty woman out of my bme tshirt and will applique her onto a halterneck or something because the tshirt was getting saggy.

  5. Im with Zip- I’d buy a BME New era cap, and even be willing to pay for postage to the UK!

  6. I’d love to see different colours for the current shirts. I have enough black in my wardrobe as it is!

  7. Shorties underpants for Women would be very nice.
    I really like those you made some years ago, they were a really good fit.
    I’d love to get some more.

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