Couples working together

Like Phil and his girlfriend Alie, they came to the agreement that if he ran every day she would draw every day. To see Alie’s commitment to  drawing every day check out her blog, I Hate To Draw. To see Phil’s commitment to running, you will need to stalk the street’s of Toronto one morning and look for Phil  yourself  (feel free to snap pictures and email them to me).

Another, and equally effective, way for a couple to work together is with a ball gag. One person speaks, the other submits. Makes perfect sense to me.

This tattoo by Alie sums it up best with the Latin phrase in the banner that translates to “Silence Implies Consent”.


For a few other pictures of Alie’s work, as well as contact info for her keep on keeping on.




Alie can be found tattooing at TCB Tattoo in Toronto, call (416) 203-1615 to book an appointment.

20 thoughts on “Couples working together

  1. Alie is amazing! I love the fine lettering she did on me!

    And Phil doesn’t need to run, he’s sooo muscular.. he just has a lot of “abs”!

  2. i cant think of a more fucked up sentiment to have tattooed on your body. the tattoo is very well done but i’m not laughing at sexual assault or rape. fuck the wearer of that tattoo

  3. I really love this! I’m working on a potential tattoo design portfolio for my drawing class, so this will help keep me motivated and maybe implant some fresh ideas. Her tattoo work is gorgeous.

  4. I love modblog and its diversity. I am very open to almost anything people post. The above however is an exception. “Silence Implies Consent”. Rape should never be trivialized.

  5. Thanks Efix! Yeah, i suck at running. Freezing cold temperatures have me currently only walking with short bursts of jogging for now until i cant see my breath all the time. Alie has been putting a lot of work into the drawing blog so i am losing this challenge for sure.

    FYI: If you want to see more of her tattoo work go to, she is currently taking new clients.

  6. Seconding max’s statement.
    Not explicitly consenting means not consenting at all. Joking about rape is like saying, “if you were raped, I would be laughing.”

  7. That is truthfully one of the most upsetting things I have ever seen tattooed. How many times do women get blamed for there rape because they didn’t say NO loud enough. Or the college boys who gang rape a blacked out girl but she clearly shouldn’t have been drinking and hell boys will be boys. This is awful.

  8. Max: Wth? It’s not about rape, and you saying that is an insult to the wearer of the tattoo and the artist. (Of course, if it is about rape he wouldn’t tattoo it on his arm, would he now?). Ballgags and submission are both normal parts of a BDSM relationship, and people like you with their f*cking prejudice are the reason why those relationships are still taboo.

  9. Eplefe: Submission =/= “implied consent”. I have no problem with BDSM. The point is– BDSM is CONSENSUAL. “silence implies consent” is a truly messed up sentiment, because real, good consent is enthusiastic, not just implied.

    Saying “Yes, gag me and tie me up and cane me” is consent. You can consent to submission; to say otherwise is stupid. But over and over and over again, people are told that it’s consent unless you say “no”, which makes this motto a bit disturbing.

  10. These tattoos are great, did Alie do them aswell as design them? Line work and colour is really nice.

    As an afterthought, I totally agree with Eplefe. Max, like so many others, is too stuck in the norm to realise some people might actually ENJOY ball gags, and other such activities. Kinda goes hand in hand with body mods to a lot of people, too.

  11. I didn’t realize that rape or sexual assault usually consisted of ball gags and regular ol’ BDSM stuff. Hm.

  12. Max: I can tell you I personally know the wearer of the ballgag tattoo. Since they got the tattoo the only negative reaction has come from males. Women including his partner at the time when he got the tattoo seem to really enjoy it. I guess everyone sees things differently.

  13. So much negativity on modblog lately. Trolls need to get a life.

    The tattoo looks great. Maybe its a joke between him and his girlfriend or something. Its their humor, let them be.

  14. Isn’t one of the sayings in the BDSM community “safe, sane, and consensual”. The issue is not with the image it’s with the saying which has been echoed time and again in cases of rape. I just never thought I’d see a post like this in this community.

  15. I didn’t take it as glorifying legitimate rape or sexual assault in the slightest. As a member of the BDSM community I took it as much a “glorified rape” as rape play and various forms of roleplay surrounding the tongue in cheek concepts of submission and consent. If I find sexual pleasure from engaging in these behaviors, and choose to represent that on my body with ink as a large part of my sexual lifestyle, that is really no one else’s place to judge. As usual, members in the supposedly open-minded mod community condemn the tattoo before even asking for more information or opening a dialogue. To say that this tattoo is disgusting and inappropriate communicates that this fetish and lifestyle as a whole are disgusting and inappropriate. Yes, inherent in BDSM submission is consent, but when the fetish revolves around the concept of giving up control to someone you trust then you open the door for tongue in cheek references to having no control at all. Open your minds before you open your mouths, jesus.

  16. Let me first say that I’m a big fan of kink and have done lots of D/s play myself. Mostly on the submissive side, honestly. And yes, rape play has been a part of that. For me, that was incredibly hot. Gagging, bondage, the whole nine yards.

    Given all of that, this tattoo seriously disturbs me.

    What would the reaction be if someone posted a tattoo glorifying pedophilia? Age and consent play is a pretty widely accepted part of kink and (again) can be really hot. But does that mean that even jokingly suggesting that raping small children is okay? Personally, I would say “hell no!”

    I would love for the BDSM community to find wider acceptance because I think a lot more people could be exploring “taboo” sexual preferences instead of repressing them. At the same time, I know how sexual assault and rape can destroy a person’s life. I think that the way for the BDSM community to find that acceptance is to be clear that D/s play isn’t rape. Because it isn’t. Ask anyone: being raped isn’t hot. Engaging in consensual rape play can be really hot. Blurring the line between the two is harmful to nearly everyone.

    To sum up:

    Being that girl on the tattoo with my lover standing over me? A fantastic Friday night.
    Being that girl on the tattoo with a stranger threatening me with a gun (or even with a new lover who doesn’t have my consent)? A life-destroying event.
    Acting like the difference between the two doesn’t need to be addressed? Harmful to both the BDSM community and anyone who has the possibility of being sexually assaulted.

  17. It’s crazy to read all the commments about the consent tattoo. I guess the wearer of the tattoo did have sexual implications with it, but I totally didn’t even go there when I saw it. I thought of it as a more politically based tattoo and I really liked the message I got when I saw it. I saw it being more of a ‘if we don’t stand up for ourselves, then we’re consenting to getting fucked’. That could mean any number of things, I took as more of a political message…even if that wasn’t the intent of the wearer, I guess it’s pretty cool it could be viewed that way, as I think that’s a more positive and inspiring message…

  18. I was raped by the wearer of this tattoo. I’ve haven’t been able to get the image of poppy bombs out of my head ever since that night….

    …oh, you guys were talking about the Silence Implies Consent tattoo? My bad. Yeah, that guy must be a huge douchebag for getting a Latin legal term tattooed on him (or her!). I mean, Latin? Dude needs to learn how to speak American! Latin offends me.



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