I have seen lots of things…

…and I have done lots of things that would make a normal person curl up in the fetal position and require years of institutionalizing.

So in the rare moments when I come across something that makes me cringe a bit, I feel obliged to share it with you guys.

Some of Alicja‘s  performance acts she does with The Psycho Cyborgs definitely makes me wince a bit. I don’t know what it is about the “fingering of an open wound” but for some reason that does it for me every time.


For more pictures of her performances, her work and a music video with her and the Psycho Cyborgs, keep on keeping on.



When Alicja is not performing with the Psycho Cyborgs she can be found piercing at Self Sacrifice Tattoo in London,  which just moved to a new location making it the largest shop in all of London! It seems like just yesterday I was posting a uvula piercing and  commenting on the technical difficulties of it, and when perusing Ala’s portfolio noticed this (much trickier) front to back uvula piercing.



113 thoughts on “I have seen lots of things…

  1. @ ATA, to each their own… Live & let live = )

    Personally, I don’t have the balls or the pain threshold to do anything like that. But, it is very interesting to see the different things people choose to participate in. This is pretty crazy & pretty awesome. Mad props to Alicja.

  2. Ahhhh this is the modblog we all know and love…. Missed you.

    Psycho cyborg kick asshole!

  3. fuck, this stuff makes me cringe.
    I understand a lot of body play, but this just seems so destructive…
    incredibly fascinating what some people can bear, and on stage, on a regular basis!

  4. Awesome! This is the good shit- Art is supposed to make people wanna puke in their mouths a little. I love it!

  5. when are there going to be photos of people sticking their genitals in these gaping holes? if anyone does it i would bet it would be that one guy featured on here a couple years back that was sticking things like eyeglasses in his gashes. i want to see obscure sex damn it!! \

  6. She is pro as fuck. Holy shit.

    The video of the wound being fingered made me flinch and grab my gut. Ow.

  7. this is so hot
    and i dont even know why
    please put this as part of the BMEgirls lineup for voting

  8. i’m kinda surprised so many people find this “arousing” / “hot”. is there no line to be drawn? i’m sorry, fingering a gut gash and driving a power tool through both breasts? not cute. this woman has rendered her body to mere object. how is that engaging, productive, or thought-provoking for her or any of us?

  9. OH GOD! His fingers are inside her!!!!!! Holy shit, that’s fucking intense. I wonder what that feels like. This is cool/interesting/creepy/gross haha

  10. well obviously, but I mean besides the pain. I just think it would be an interesting experience to have your fingers inside a person like that or have them inside you.

  11. Holy shit! O_O
    Now thats extreme.
    And i Love it <3
    I have to show this too my girlfriend~
    She would absolutely love it.
    I totally agree with Cj.
    Art should be grotesque.
    Grotesque doesn’t even begin to describe the beauty of this!

  12. Okay, there are some things that border on the fine line of art and insanity. This is a days journey into the insane. Art doesn’t have to be grotesque but that’s not saying that something that is grotesque isn’t art. I think that we should learn the difference between the three. Just because you want/need/choose to do something ‘grotesque’ does NOT make it art I could kill a hundred people because I consider it ‘art.’ Doesn’t mean that it is, now does it?

    If you choose to say that those are two different sides of two different coins then torture in general could be looked at as art. Native Americans used to tell their torturer’s more horrifying and painful ways to torture them as a symbolism of their manhood. STILL does not make it art.

  13. Cool, but I wonder how many times you can do a show like this before the scarring just makes it impossible. She better be charging alot.

  14. I saw Psycho Cyborgs performance live in Moscow (Russia). It was great and truly hardcore, especially after funny Circus Mundus Absurdus or Pain Solutions…

  15. I love everything this lady does from lip sewing to boob skewering and everything else
    simply amazing!

  16. I wonder if she has to take a lot of antibiotics after doing things like that. it looks like both of those wounds(skewer through boobs and huge gashes in the abdomen) could get really infected easily.

  17. Sean:), we’ve actually been thinking about it for a while and it definetely is a plan!

    VOMIT, it feels like pussy. nice, wet and warm..

    NOEMI, the stomach cutting does scar a lot indeed, we’ve done it 4 or 5 times so far (in the same place) and next time we’re gonna cut on the other side, as there’s quite a lot of scar tissue.

    Miss Cherry, those wounds always heal perfectly fine, never had any problems with them. apart from not being able to move for a day or two, but that i like :)

  18. In TENTS!
    Now what eyed like to see is someone amputate a limb, eat it, wait till it digests, poop it out, and then eat the poop. Poking and cutting just ain’t enough anymore.

  19. Yep….cutting and poking isn’t enough. Eating amputated limbs is going too far though.
    Instead of eating the removed limbs they instead should be removed, switched, and sewn back on with limbs of other participants. Then they should both eat each others poop just for the heck of it.

  20. You don’t have to understand everything, you don’t have to like it. It is indeed art, and yes they are pushing the envelope. But they are conscious about what they do, and no matter what anybody says they’ll keep on doing it. For that I have much respect for Samppa and Ala. Love you guys!

  21. Just….. intense.

    Looking at the photo gallery and the video, can someone explain the the un-initiated whats going on with the hammer-nails-skull. Surely can’t be pounding them deep enough to be stuck solid.. Maybe we’ll concealed trans/micro dermals?

    Is it weird the fake eyepiece/patch stuff thats present in a lot of Cyborgs performances creeps me out more?

  22. This is the one thing I have EVER seen on ALL of BME EVER that made me say “This is fucking ridiculous.”

  23. Well that’s different. Definitely interesting – slightly disturbing, slightly intriguing, slightly weird but all in all interesting.

  24. been done before, like the artist that shot himself in the arm with a high powered rifle at close range, he also nailed himself to a vw bug,

  25. this is truly the modblog i have missed for so long and Roo is so damn lucky, as i know the things i would love to do to this girl.

  26. I guess you would approve if she did it to you..

    Anyways, that really made my day :) it’s so.. extrodinary! Some kind of beautifull, weird and exclusive art/act..

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  28. Hell yah. This is fucking bodyart. sick hot girl which fells no pain and a sick idea what can they do with this girl. Nice =)

  29. i noticed that too. I’m very curious, so do tell: that ovary (or whatever) extraction was clever fakery, right, right??? You shoved something in there to pull out, right, right?? (it’s at the 3 minute 30 second mark in case anyone wants to take a second.. or third.. or eighth look)

  30. As a damned yank I doubt I shall ever have an opportunity to view the Cyborgs live. An internet fix will have to suffice. I’ve had a thing for Ginger for years-so hot!! And Ala-you are body mod royalty! I have several tats, piercings and have experienced natural childbirth and three spinal surgeries; my pain threshhold is exceptional. And I am a registered nurse and have seen in it all. However, Ala, you alone can make me wince! But a delightful sensation it is….I wish you peace and unlimited endorphin rushes!!

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  32. Pretty sick…In a good way tho. The only thing that made me cringe in the deep breast piercing…I think that’s beyond me. But those are some bad ass bitches. :)

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