A different take on ear pointing

Well it’s pointed, but not in the same way we typically see ears  pointed. I am not sure quite what the client was going for with this, whether it is indeed a different take on ear pointing, or maybe a faux battle scar,  but whatever the goal was the end result is quite striking.


This cartilage removal was donre by Martin Page of Amazing Colors Tattoo in Berlin.

For a healed picture, keep on keeping on.


51 thoughts on “A different take on ear pointing

  1. Here in New Zealand you see a similar thing commonly with people who have lost the tops/parts of their ears to skin cancer.

    Filthy CFC’s.

  2. I wonder if this majorly effects hearing at all? Just becuse the outer shell of the ear is pretty much completely removed.

  3. In my opinion, it just looks like he had to get the top of his ear removed for something… I’m happy for him if he likes it, but it doesn’t look ‘pointed’ to me.

  4. I wonder… Why would you choose for this option if you can get REAL pointed ears with an identical surgical mod that requires the same amount of pain :s

    Ok, it’s original and something new, I giev you that, but face it, it doesn’t look pretty.

  5. I am unsure if he was going for a pointed effect, or if it was supposed to look like a bit/tore/fell off part, or hell something different entirely.

  6. I get so fucking frustrated when I see someone on here who calls some sort of modification mutilation. Rich, don’t start talking down on other modifications if you don’t even know how a blowout occurs. It’s very obvious that the person wanted this look, so why should anyone else question it? It was very well executed, and healed perfectly. I love how it appears to be an animal’s ear now.

  7. I dont think this can be called mutilation unless mike tyson did actually bite off his ear. I didnt like it when I saw the new pic with stitches, but was pleasantly suprised at the final result. Maybe he had an ear tattoo he didn’t like?

  8. I like it.
    Looks professional and well taken care of.

    I only want to know if it’s just his left ear or both.
    Maybe that’ll clear up the ear pointing/battle wound/other reason questions.

  9. NOT a fan. I’m sorry but it looks like it was botched up. It does look like it was well cared for, and it healed nicely. But the end result is flat out ugly imho.

  10. i dont that looks bothced at all. looks well done, sutures are consistant and not too tight. i really like it because ITS DIFFERENT!!!

    “Why would you choose for this option if you can get REAL pointed ears with an identical surgical mod that requires the same amount of pain”…i dont think he wanted “pointed” ears. its not like there are only a few kinds of ear mods.

    nice one…

  11. I am so shocked by the lack of support on this website in the last year or so. Getting brave behind your key boards is not any way to handle any situation, especially if you’re going to do something as shallow as bashing someone for how they choose to look. I don’t know what else to say, cool ear.

  12. This doesn’t look botched at all. I’ve been wanting a very similar mod in which I would have a chunk taken out of the top of my cartilage.. Is it really that far fetched that this is exactly what the person wanted? I personally think it looks awesome!

  13. When I hold the laptop further away form my face I can see a penis shape in his ear. Awesome.
    I like the finished result, it reminds me of a dog ear. It’s interesting and eye catching.

  14. maybe it should have been called “cartilage removal” to save the small minded people calling it a “botch” or “mutilation” since lots of peoples ideas of pointed ears are like the ones we see more often.

  15. I love it. I have wanted a piece of my ear removed for quite some time and I appreciate the aesthetic of it. If I do it I certainly won’t call is anything that would give people reason to be such dumbasses.

  16. Ears are great fun just to tattoo,stretch,pierce and hack bits off.What would we do without them.? I like this its sweeeet

  17. #13 rich: Come on, stop being full of shit. You’re not the judge of that. Mutilation is obviously forcing someone to a “modification”, i.e. altering someone’s body against their consensus.

    Furthermore, the way I see it the only way one could possibly mutilate onself is if severe psychological illness is present and the subject has no sound judgement on whether he/she really want to do it. I dare to say this is not the case for this ear pointing.
    Personally I don’t like the result. Looks like a post dog attack carnage, but maybe that’s what he wants. I do find it cool that he went for it though, if that’s what makes him happy.

  18. Dingo, good job defining it yourself then. Since you didn’t, the definition I’ve found is:
    Mutilation (or maiming) is an act or physical injury that degrades the appearance or function of any living body, usually without causing death.

    If a sane subject willingly alters the appearance of the body it’s unlikely that he/she will find that altering to be degrading in terms of appearance or function. Of course, in extreme body modification function is sometimes affected, but I wouldn’t call it “degraded”. I highly doubt that someone who’s done a urethral reroute will feel that his ability to take a piss has been degraded? Just changed, hopefully to his liking. After all, his wish has gone through.
    Altering peoples’ appearance by force, i.e. non-consensual female genital cutting is very likely to result in feelings of degraded body function and appearance from that persons point of view.


  19. It seems as if the only people who dislike this are of little intelligence… Just an observation.

    I think it’s unique and beautiful.

  20. first of all sourmilk, you looked up a definition for “mutilate” and when you explained it, you still failed to understand it. it says “degrades the appearance,” which this DEFINITELY does. the phrse “degrade,” as used here, does not necessarily mean degraded as in emotionally degraded or making it look bad. his ear is not whole anymore, so its appearance has been degrded. completely unbiased use of that word.

    and second, meg, that could be the dumbest comment on this page: “the only people who dislike this are of little intelligence.” i dont even know where to begin on that one.

    axl, if it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to look bad or be emotionally degrading, then all body modifications are mutilations, as they all more or less alters the appearance of a body part.
    thus in that case, there’s no reason for someone to say “that’s not a mod, that’s a mutilation!” as someone above did. radicals, we’re all mutilatedyou< think it’s mutilated, and that a lot of other people agree with you, but I really don’t think that’s enough to make the objective statement that it’s simply mutilation. simply altering the appearance of a body part doesn’t make it mutilated, if the subject herself doesn’t see it that way. and I don’t believe in other people judging whether it’s mutilation or not. that’s pretty tarded. “oh, you shaved really bad this morning. I think that’s a mutilation” :))))))))))) just like other people than the subject deciding whether he/she was having sex or being raped.

  22. oops, kinda squished together. too much effing text :]
    the middle is supposed to say “…mutilated. you could argue that >you< think it’s mutilated, and that a lot of other people agree with you blah blah (…)
    and you say it’s “DEFINITELY degrades the appearance”, based on your own subjective view, but also the most common conception that ears should be whole. but you argue that the mere fact that the ear isn’t whole makes it a mutilation, and I don’t agree with that. degraded (as in mutilated in this case) means:
    1. Reduced in rank, dignity, or esteem.
    2. Having been corrupted or depraved.
    3. Having been reduced in quality or value.

  23. I was kind of thinking it looks upside down now. If you look at it the other way, it takes on a normal shape again!

    But he couldve had a massive keloid, and had the whole part removed, or who knows! When I first looked at it, I didnt really like it.. but the more I look at it, the more I like it.

    But MANNNN all I could think of is when my clients bitch and complain about having to sleep on their new cartlidge piercing.. pfft, this guy goes balls out!

    And also, Whats with all the fucking wank ass dicks on bme now?? Do you guys just log on during your lunchbreak at high school and come on here to insult people? Seriously?

    Having an opinion and disliking something is one thing, but why do you have to be a fucking cunt? Im sure its because you dont have any fucking friends, because your obviously broken in the head.

  24. Kind of reminded me of an Orc ear.
    Or an animal like a dog.

    I like it though,it’s unusual

  25. sourmilk, we had fights about definitions of words when we were kids. Its moot. Get over it.

    I personally like this mod. It healed way better than it looks like it would, and is kind of a cool shape.

    Sean, keep on keepin on! <3

  26. see my sweet little careface? :]]]]]]
    I’m over it, since I won the TITLE ROOOOUUND OF HEAVYWEIGHT DEFINITION CARNAGE. oh yeah, my tits in your face.

  27. I’m (very) late to the party here, but I’d just like to balance out all the hate here with some love. I think it’s wonderfully original and very well done. It’s pretty obvious that this guy wasn’t going for an ear pointing as we’ve come to know it. I wish I could see a picture of his whole face to see how it looks all together, but it works well enough on its own. Very eye-catching, very interesting, and wonderfully unique.

    I wouldn’t get my ears cropped myself, since I *do* want my ears pointed. I can still appreciate what I wouldn’t have done on my own body, though. Isn’t that part of the beauty of body modification – celebrating one’s own individual body? If we all had the same mods, wouldn’t body modification sort of lose its purpose? Then again, maybe that’s just me being all idealistic and whatnot. :)

  28. I’m also beyond fashionably late but I felt I could answer some questions. I had a melanoma removed from my ear and the resulting shape is quite similar. The removal of my helix has not had any impact on my hearing. Also, the removal of such a large portion of the ear results in permanent nerve damage so while there is severe bruising and swelling post op, there is no pain (potentially handy if you’re considering further mods). I may sculpt my other ear to match, it beats $10000 worth of reconstructive surgery.

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