And to close out “ear mod day”…

I have a beautiful example of pulling a facial tattoo onto the ear and integrating it beautifully. Honestly, I do not find most heavy facial tattoos to be aesthetically pleasing. Don’t get me wrong, I have much respect for anyone taking on such a project, it’s just not something that usually appeals to me visually.

But Andrew here, sporting his latest facial tattooing being done by Andreas ‘Curly’ Moore, is certainly an exception. The tattoo just becomes a part of him and looks so natural on his face, I was immediately drawn to this picture when scrolling through the galleries.


Don’t worry guys I won’t have my son with me tomorrow and I can try and dig up some entries with a  little more variety to hold you over until the BME Girls Calendar entry.

23 thoughts on “And to close out “ear mod day”…

  1. I also don’t usually find heavy facial tattoos aesthetically pleasing but this is wonderful. I looks like it’s ment to be there. Beautiful

  2. I would love to have a tattoo like that. Imagine all the screams you would hear walking by an elementary school at recess or something. That tattoo looks fierce. and perfect. (minus the scarring)

  3. Pretty awesome work. Just curious if anyone could tell me what style of line work that is? I would really like to see more tattoos in the same style.

  4. #3
    i don’t really think it’s a style on it’s own , i’m more thinking it is based on pacific style tattoos more in the area of samoa/hawai tattoos they work woth patterns and many times with triangle shapes , so i think you just need to base you search on that one ….

  5. @9 & 10 I like the sexiness of his intense eyes.

    Interesting the way his hair grows through the tattoo. Wonder if his head was shaved when he got inked – perhaps there’s a lot more tattoo under all that hair.

  6. Will: Yes, his head was probably shaved; I had to shave my head to get my tattoo. (I ended up taking off about 14″ of hair, but I was getting pretty tired of long hair anyways.)

    Jamie James: Kids of elementary/primary school age don’t usually get freaked out by heavy tattooing, piercing, et cetera. They usually think it’s neat looking and want to ask a lot of questions. It’s not until they’re older than about 10 (which is, what, fourth grade?) that they start to realize that tattooing is “bad” and that people with a lot of tattoos are “scary”. …Which is really kinda sad, if you think about it too much.

    Anyway, the tattooing on the face looks great; do you have a front view also?

  7. Awesome, thanks. Love the way that the tattoo kinda flows up and around his right eye; I’ve seen asymmetrical facial tattoos that worked in a similar way, and I thinks it works really well overall.

    Oh, yeah: the ear tattooing is cool too. 😀

  8. I think this is the mechanic from Strangeland who pulls out the car, and explains what gauge septum piercings are.

  9. @13 Thanks for supporting my theory. Was your head tattoo designed after your name? ie Pharaohnic or bat-winged deity? Just curious. Very curious.

    @17 Yep, I noticed his neck. Looks to me like it’s covering up an older tattoo, but it fits so well with the design on his face. I really like the way this guy looks and I’m so jealous. If I didn’t have a customer-facing job in a f*cking bank I’d want some work like this. But, got to pay rent, got to buy food….

  10. I like the facial work but the neck is boring all black & to me doesnt add much, it would look better if the design extended down, im more interested in color work though.

  11. I just think anthonydoom’s had meaning, with its scripture and lotus and little dask of colour and in negative space there was still a lot going on? This is less aesthetically pleasing to me, but I suppose would take balls. I just think simplicity is key, or overcomplication is key, skullboys is fun for some reason.. I like facial tattooing, I even like when rap artists get the little LA under their eye but I dunno… plus he looks like a serial killer, I look like a fat emo boy, but slightly saner around those windows to the soul–oi!

  12. wow insane tire marking on his face haha lol sorry could have complimented his eagle nose but he looks kinda vulturistic in a way

  13. ok his ear cartilege tattoo lines work because they follow along the inner ridges of the cartalige and connect to the face which is interesting. the lines in the ear are really tight together, right beside the eyebrow are thicker lines, and travelling down to the chin it becomes thinner. can any one see that one line that doesn’t connect to anything at all. i wonder its there is going to be colour added because it looks as if it is set up for colour to be added.

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