Self made symmetry

I love the symmetry and simplicity of this picture, it really showcased her (mostly self done) piercings well.


These paired nostril piercings on Skittles5000 were self pierced at an 18 gauge and self stretched up to the 2 gauge you see here, the septum was self pierced at a 14 gauge and then stretched to a 0gauge.

31 thoughts on “Self made symmetry

  1. Looks beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of septums on women usually, but she carries it really well.

  2. Love it…
    but how can you guys bitch so much about blurriness
    and photo quality on submissions and post stuff like this?

  3. It finally happened. I sadly removed ModBlog from my RSS feeds.

    Minor updates, mostly based on bad pictures. I have nothing against Skittles5000 or any other member of this community, really, but I’m don’t get where is a point in posting such images. Especially when it constitutes the majority of content. “Hey folks, here’s a blurry picture! See you tomorrow for more cellphone images!”

    Where are the interesting articles by Paul King or the piercers debates on various topics? Where are the real photographs? The more the time passes, the less the content is valuable. What happened here?

  4. I think this picture is beautiful…. and I don’t even like piercings! (I’m allowed to say this because I’m the Mom!)

  5. I think this picture is beautiful!!!! And I don’t even like piercings. (I’m allowed to say this because I’m the Mom!!!

  6. You know what Pixol? Not everyone has a great camera or access to people who want to photograph them. Instead they do their best with what they have! That doesnt mean they dont have awesome mods.

    Yay Skittles5000, your piercings are awesome!

  7. and not everyone takes pics, knowing they’ll be on modblog, they take a pic, up it on their IAM page, or on bme and it might get put on modblog if who ever is doing modblog likes it, not so much if its a good pic or not.

  8. She is one thoughtful body modification person i have met here. and I salute her self modification skills. You are an artiste indeed.

    yayyyyyyyyyyyy ERICA yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. love your piercings…

  9. get some one to take photos for you, use proper lighting, and try the auto focus it helps. Cameras now-a-days also have timers and handheld remote controls to operate the them from a distance. people get creative with your images.

  10. most of my pictures dont come out like this. i try to have good light and my camera is always on macro. when i took this picture, it came out really nice. i tried my best to take another so that it would come out clearer but i couldnt recreate the same picture so i just went with this one.
    pictures never come out nice in my opinion when other people take them which is why i take them myself. im sorry i dont have a pro photographer to follow me around to showcase me and my mods. obviously, it was good enough quality to be on BME in the first place so im not worried about it :)

  11. You really don’t need to have a “pro-photographer to follow you around” to take good pictures.

    - Don’t set it on Macro unless you’re doing an extreme close up of a singular focal point object (ie. one specific piercing, not entire face).
    - White balance is your friend. I’m sure you’re really not orange like the pic. It seems to me like you were using florescent lighting (ie. in a bathroom) when this picture was taken. Set WB (white balance) to AUTO or cycle through all the different options until you have decent lighting quality on your cam’s screen.

    Set your camera to AUTO everything if you have absolutely no clue how to use it.

  12. I’m such a weirdo about symmetry, I used to never get piercings without getting them done on both sides, so I really love this girl’s mods.

  13. It looks somewhat like her face is just attached to a wall, I used to talk to her a lot though, she’s a really a sweet girl and her piercings do compliment her well. I love symmetry, so it’s nice seeing it instead of when I see some 14 year-old who I could swear is sporting a high nostril piercing on one side and a just regular nostril on the other calling it symmetry. It bugs me.

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