Sparklers, the new birthday candle

Everyone should look as happy on their birthday as Lost Cause did on his 19th, as he had his friend light sparklers that hung from his various piercings.


For some sparklers in the dark action, keep on keeping on.


13 thoughts on “Sparklers, the new birthday candle

  1. Miss Mess- I also have a strange aversion to sparklers, so you arent the only one…

  2. If I didn’t see the sparkler on his left ear, I would have been trying to figure out if he had that one piercing that goes through the area under the tongue through the chin. But I know it goes to his right ear

  3. Yeh.. That guy in the muscle shirt is one tank sexy fuck haha.. (me) 😛
    and my brother… i think crazy is a very big understatement,

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