It’s a…..whatchamacallit

I love the rare times when I run across a picture of a piercing and I am not exactly sure what to call it. This was in the transverse and vertical lobe gallery and it was labeled only as a transverse lobe. However since it exits in the anti-tragus area and not in the lobe that name seems a little generic and non-descript.  Anyhow, I am sure it’s been done before and possibly even named before, so if anyone has any knowledge or clever suggestions, you should share them in the comments.


This piercing was done by David St-Arnaud, Zeplace Tattoo, Québec city.

37 thoughts on “It’s a…..whatchamacallit

  1. I kind of have the same thing going on on my left ear, although my anti-tragus is massive, and very cartilage-y, so it is more next to it, than through it. It’s a total beast to heal. I’ve had it for a couple years now, and it’ll never fully heal, but I love it anyway.

  2. the piercing is cool, but i dont understand why they took a picture of it all crusty. crusty piercings make me gaga a little, especially when customers come in and have smelly crusty piercings that they want me to change jewelry in for them. grossamundo!

  3. I’d call that a transverse snug or transverse anti-tragus. i agree that it should have been cleaned before the pic was taken.

  4. Really you guys? How do you know it’s not just still healing? Crusties, last I heard, were normal during that process.

  5. Like jojo said, it’s probably just crusties from healing. That doesn’t mean you can’t do a photo op after soaking and cleaning them off, though :p

  6. It’s not like there’s a mountain of gunkcrust like some of the horror story pictures you see either. Oh no, oh deary me, a little bit of crust! I may vomit. Oh me oh my. ¬_¬

    Either way, that’s a cool lookin’ bit of metal.

  7. Yeah, it’s.. not really crusty. But maybe I’ve just seen much, much worse on bme.
    And it must be healing considering that nice bruise above their lobe.
    I could be wrong, though.

  8. Also, why isn’t BME (not modblog) updating anymore?
    They used post a ton of images a day but now there’s nothing?
    I can’t believe that no one is submitting anything.
    They have to be so backed up….

  9. All of the BME staff is putting all of their efforts into the new site release. BME and IAM are both getting full overhauls, and this slow period should well be worth it when they get released.

    That being said less updates means less images for me to choose from yo post here, so if anyone has any cool pics they would like to share feel free to email them to me.

  10. Ah, that explains why my boyfriend hasn’t heard from bme after submitting lots and lots of pictures

  11. why do people make silly comments about a small amount of crust, its not clever at all.

    i like it, quite cool, nothing id have, not a huge fan of ear piercings,

  12. Oh man, that looks really sweet. I’m not usually attracted to ear piercings other than stretched lobes, but that’s something I could come to love.

  13. About 5 years ago or so one of my good friends got this exact piercing. The piercer at the shop called it a vertical transverse lobe.

  14. Everyone on modblog seems to be a huge huge clean freak, no perfectly normal crust, no body hair but somehow hanging from hooks is perfectly fine? It boggles the mind! (I think all 3 are perfectly normal)

  15. modblog’s standards are supposed to be set higher than usual, which is why people are complaining over the crust. Personally before taking any portfolio pictures, I will cleanse my customer’s ears if they’re fuckin’ gross.

  16. If it’s just been pierced, it’s likely that there would be a bit of crusties, which is normal… Unless there’s major irritation or possible infection, I’m a fan of the LITHA healing method. Again, if it’s brand new (which this likely could be), you wouldn’t want to be fucking with it too much anyway.

  17. Wow, you guys are fucking ridiculous. It’s a cool piercing, so appreciate it, even if it may still be healing. If you’re going to complain about anything, complain about the person’s blowout.

  18. I’ve got the same, called it a transverse vertical lobe, left side healed quite nicely unfortunately the right side was fussy and a rugby hit to the plastic retainer I was wearing took it out of commission.
    Still loving the side that healed, though.

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