More snow, what to do?

After the big snow storm last weekend we (the DC area) are having another  storm today that qualifies as a blizzard. I hate taking days off work, so it’s hard to figure out how best to utilize my time at home. I do have some hooks to grind, but that doesn’t sound like much fun and my son’s being a bit too needy to let me slip out to the garage to do that.

It’s a damn shame I don’t have a nice fireplace to chill out in front of, but luckily for  Stembot she does.


In all fairness though, she deserves that fireplace far more than I for going out naked in the snow for a photo shoot. For proof, keep on keeping on.




28 thoughts on “More snow, what to do?

  1. she is going to be so embarrassed when she realises she forgot to put her clothes on!! at least she has her scarf and beanie. after all, you lose most of your heat through the top of your head.

  2. Thank you for all the lovely comments! Sorry the pics aren’t better, but there was only so much I could do with the self-timer. :)

  3. nature223 you do know you dont have to look at the cock pics? lol. but if you want to see lots of naked “chicks” (i mean why the hell would you look at baby chickens? perv) you could always look at porn?

    (btw that was a joke or sorts, try not to get to upset and throw your toys out the pram)

    i like the pics, but i bet she was bloody cold hehe

  4. very nice pictures, i’m just a lil weirded out by the way it looks like she has no vagina… she looks smooth like a barbie… haha….

    but very nice anyways, and kudos to her for braving the snow

  5. DOC13, I miss you terribly too! Don’t worry, my ass is still only for you

    Bleedingdreams: I have no idea why that pic came out like that. I’m sure it had something to do with the lighting. Either way, I can assure you that I am anatomically correct.

  6. haha.. i never even noticed that it looks like she’s missing a vagina

    the first picture just does it… i try to scroll down and look at the others but my eyes are drawn back up to the butt

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