And the winner is…

Yeaaaaaaaah! MissMeg knows how to make me laugh. I’m still trying to catch up on watching all of the video applications. We haven’t even been able to post them all because there are just too many but I’m very very excited and I think this tour is going to be awesome, thanks to all of you!

46 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. While these videos are great to see, and this one particuarly was hilarious…
    i miss modblog.
    i know this trip is important and will be AWESOME to see documented by these wonderful people submitting videos, im begging to get some regular post sprinkeled in with these.
    Please? *makes puppy face*
    im not getting enough of my daily dose of naked boys or girls, or cut up genitals.
    ok, otherwise keep up the good work modblog!

  2. Yay Meg! Absolutely the most qualified applicant, haha, I don’t have to see any more videos. 😉 I would’ve applied but I have too many mommy responsibilities (to say nothing of shop responsibilities), but yeah, when you guys get Down Under, you’re totally coming to Darwin to hang, non-negotiable. 😉

  3. i love how half way through the video, i barely recognized the red dildo to the left. hahahahaha!

  4. Im with Rachel,
    Can we please have more regular modblog posts like we used to get. These videos arent a good substitute for the real thing.

  5. Modblog will go back to being updated regularly as soon as we get done launching the new site. There is just too much going on to be able to keep up with everything.

    I’m sorry but we just don’t have enough people to handle everything. 🙁

  6. I’m curious as to if the Canada story is true….

    “People just think I’m a redneck, and they don’t really wanna fuck with that”.

    Laughter for days, I love this girl.

  7. that video was in fact genius. home chick has a winning personality and i hope she’s happy in life.

  8. The fix is in!
    Say it ain’t so Rachel!
    This is a disgrace!
    Rachel, why did you bother with the application process?
    When you were just gonna take one of your friends with you for a round the world jolly?

  9. im enjoying watching all the videos rachel, there are a lot of great and impressive people who really want this experience, i cant wait for the new sites unravelling, it would be a heavy strain of your shoulders, with that you get to see the world with 4-5 amazing people enthusiastically helping you around the world.

  10. I know this trip is important but you’re still asking for pics and none are getting posted. I forsee a huge loss of credibility and goodwill.

  11. Awww Meg is lovely.

    Didn’t even notice the dildo cos I was watching her! Until it started jiggling at least. 😀

  12. Meg is amazing. I love her and the comical relief her video brought to the table. I love how she smoked, had a dildo out and made fun of all the bad videos not saying a word about any of them. Most of all I like how the dildo seems to wiggle on its own a bit throughout the audition tape. 😉

  13. Whats with all the damn videos?
    Post some friggen tattoos already, noone gives a shit about this stuff.

  14. I think the dildo is completely hilarious, not just because of the joke that it was used in past videos but because it’s completely relevant to her job. (BMEShop sells ‘em)

  15. i would just like to point out that i offered my professional security services waaaaay long ago, before this trip even existed. i’m ahead of the curve.

  16. I belive that you have traveled alot, and met rude security guys, stalkers and bad ppl.
    I belive that i have traveled more than you, i’ve met mostly nice ppl, even at the airport.
    I belive that you have traveled ur own “whole world”, U S of Ass.

  17. Oh my… Just wonderful hilarity happening all over the place in this video. Jiggly dildos rock.

  18. Don’t worry!! Modblog will be back soon!

    In the meantime, just enjoy the videos and get excited for the awesomeness of this tour! Rachel will make sure it’s incredible for everyone!

  19. is it not funny/odd to anybody else that they did all these submissions and such and then picked just went and picked an employee of bmeshop/Rachel’s tattoo shop?

    I mean yeah she’s a member of the”community” or what ever and she’s cool and all but it seems kind of rigged
    i mean come one put all this out there to pick a person from the community but then just take one of your current employes?


  20. Justin, it’s a joke. Both the video and the post saying Meg won. Rachel actually said below the video that she was still going through all the videos. Winners have not been announced and it’s not just one person going.

  21. Internet + humour = fail.
    There needs to be a special font for when you’re making jokes and using sarcasim, or people need to lighten up and not take EVERYTHING so seriously!

  22. I’m honestly shocked by how many people think that Meg won.. It’s really weird. I also can’t believe the haters who were asking why I wasn’t taking Meg in the first place. If I took Meg with me, WHO WOULD RUN BMESHOP?!?!?!?!?


    Modblog will be back. We are literally making the FINAL TOUCHES to the new site and some of the modblog volunteers had some emergencies come up this weekend. We’ll be coming back shortly.

  23. I will be the first to admit.. Meg can kick anyone’s ass. She is really that mean. Well until Cere comes around and then she kinda gets a bit sappy on all our asses. Cere then kicks the crap out of everyone. 😉

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