Rachel asked me to post some more audition videos while she’s busy recuperating.  I don’t know when she plans to announce the winners or how she plans on notifying them so we’ll all just have to be patient a bit longer.  I’ve only been back in town a few hours and have tons to do and it’s shaping up to be a busy week (in my spare time, in addition to working for BME, I’m a full time graduate student and substitute teacher)!  So with no further ado and in no order, rhyme nor reason, here are some videos!

BME Internship Audition Video by Ari Oh from Ari Oh on Vimeo.

More after the jump!

My BME World Tour Video Interview! from Stewart Donaldson on Vimeo.

Once again, this is just a small sample of the many videos we’ve received!  A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time!  We sincerely appreciate your efforts.

33 thoughts on “Videopalooza!

  1. Rachel is currently recuperating and asked me to post more videos so I would assume that no, she doesn’t intend to announce the winners today. As far as I know, she isn’t supposed to be sitting at a computer right now.

  2. I really hope that Rachel feels better soon. I’m excited to see myself up there, but not excited to hear that she still isn’t well. :( I would again like to thank Rachel and all of BME (you too, of course, Jen!) for working so hard to provide this amazing opportunity for everyone!

  3. I’m so glad I’ve got lots of work this week and I can keep myself distracted (not for very long, but still!)

  4. I like Ari too, but she says she’s 19 – I distinctly remember Rachel stating that everyone had to be 21 for this, or I would’ve already had my entry in.

    Did I miss an update/retraction on that rule?

  5. @Tobias – Was that a sad face that you could have applied or that you don’t like me? In either case, I’d give you a hug if I could!

  6. @nae

    Disappointed that I could’ve applied after reading I couldn’t.

    Oh well, that’s what happens.

    I’m always open to hugs, though.

  7. #20 – Nae seemed to be reading from a script as well…… I also didnt notice what position she was applying for.
    But she is cute!

  8. I think Ari Oh is awesome, and has fantastic taste. BUT, I think Nae def deserves the position more.

  9. Ari is the best one out of all the videos posted thus far. Even at her young age, she seems to be the most genuine and has a clear focus of the position she’s applying for. I’m not particularly a fan of the “jack of all trades, master of none” videos. Her photography is truly brilliant. A+++

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