I heard you fell into a rabbit hole…

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a fan of Alice in Wonderland, in all of its incarnations (in other words, not just Disney). I’ve got a small collection of various Alice in Wonderland related “stuff” like dolls, postcards, comic books, even a belt buckle, and the novels themselves, of course. It probably goes without saying that I’m quite looking forward to the new Tim Burton movie, which opens March 5th.

In honour of that very special occasion, I bring you Alice inspired tattoos!  All images can be found in BME’s tattoo galleries.  Enjoy and remember, we’re all mad here!

Tattooed by R.C., from Indian Ink in Salinas, California.

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Tattooed by Devin from Shepke Studios, Pasadena, MD. Submitted to BME by ashbat.

Tattooed by Mike Kerin from Evolved, Columbus, Ohio. Submitted to BME by Amy.

Tattooed by Mike Moses from Enigma Studios, Richmond VA. Submitted to BME by sleepwalker.

Tattooed by Ron Nelson from Eye Candy Tattoo, New Orleans.

Tattooed by Shane Faulkner from King of Fools Tattoos, Toronto, Ontario.

33 thoughts on “I heard you fell into a rabbit hole…

  1. I’m an Alice fan also but I’m not looking forward at all for the destruction of such a classic by a creepy money seeker… I’m disgusted by the fact that they upstaged Johnny Depp for no apparent reason….If I remember well, the mad hatter is not a protagonist, so why is he the marrator now…?

    BTW I’m tired of him trying to give Helena Bonham Carter a job….

    AND Nine was a very very bad movie.

    AND My angry mood is due to a deception….I used to love Tim so much once upon a time…

  2. Marc – I hear you but in my opinion there really haven’t been any great Alice movies. I am pretty easy going and I like a lot of interpretations. I think the Tim Burton movie will be interesting. I was just saying last night though, that I really wish someone would make a more adult version of the story. Even the animated Disney movie, which I really like, just took both books and meshed pieces together. I found that Alice miniseries enjoyable just for the take it had on the story.

    For awhile there was talk that they were making American McGee’s Alice into a movie and I was thrilled at the idea of what that would be but I guess it’s not ever going to get made. Disappointing. My own tattoos are inspired by the artwork for that game, though not direct copies.

    I have these comics called Return to Wonderland and I think they’re one of the most interesting takes on the story that I’ve seen yet. Obviously it’s not the original story but it’s really creepy and weird and I love it. Plus the artwork in the comics is fantastic.

  3. Fantastic!!
    I was suppose to get an Alice tattoo at the Motor City Convention this weekend, but my tattoo guy isn’t going to be able to make it. BIG bummer!!

  4. Marc-
    There was a version of Alice in Wonderland that was made in 1999 in the UK and later shown on television in the United States. It has Tina Majorino in it. I personally think this is the best Alice in Wonderland movie and stays true to the books. They combine Alice in Wonderland with the book Through the Looking Glass, so its a pretty long movie but worth it. I know there are torrents out there for it. I also agree that this is going to be Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland,however still interested in seeing it. I think Helena Bonham Carter is going to play the role of the red queen perfectly though.

    Oh yeah….all of these tattoos are pretty awesome too :-)

  5. Jen — if you want a more adult version try SyFy’s version called “Alice”

    It’s not really the same story at all but it has the same characters. It’s meant to be like another Alice fell down the whole later and there is a big ol’ uproar and whatnot. Actually quite a bit like the Tim Burton that’s coming out. Oh syfy the things you do to make people notice you… Anyway it’s pretty entertaining at long as you don’t watch it expecting the book or the old Disney.

  6. In the third one down–isn’t that the Queen from Disney’s Snow White and not the Queen of Hearts? Either way I love all of these!

  7. Aja – Yeah that’s what I’m referring to, the thing on SyFy. We don’t get SyFy here, it aired on some other station. I enjoyed it. It’s still not quite what I want to see but I liked it.

    I really enjoy any take on the story. Of course this new movie is being put out by Disney and I prefer a more adult take on the story but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it all the same. I’m fairly easy to please, movie-wise.

  8. heathacat – I don’t think that person’s tattoos are based on the Disney version at all, though she does really resemble the queen in Snow White.

  9. I’d love to see the movie, but Belgian movie theaters are boycotting it because Disney wants to release the DVD of it way too soon after the movie release. That sucks, Tim Burton is such a great moviemaker.

  10. I did an Alice in Wonderland photo shoot the other week….we called it Malice in Wound-erland. Pix on my page ;)
    Gorgeous tattoo btw ;)

  11. Any celebration of the book I love is good, maybe it will get people to R E A D. Because we know the moral of the story, the book is always better.

  12. There’s also a fantastic version in from an author in Quebec called Aliss, it’s somekind of a reinvention of the story and I think it’s appreciable!

    BTW thx for all the replies :)

  13. Person – Read? Pshaw, surely we don’t want people to read! :)

    Marc – I’ll have to see if I can track it down.

  14. I know a lot of people aren’t excited about the new movie but it follows Through the Looking glass I think a little more, the Disney movie was actually not very close to the book. This one actually looks like it maybe fairly close to the book (although I’m not going to hold my breath). The tattoos are all lovely!

  15. I also have an American McGee Cheshire Cat tattoo. It’s only his head, with his quote “We’re All Mad Here” over it. Planning on a full leg piece of characters.

  16. Haley – It looks to me like it doesn’t particularly follow the books from the preview, more of a re-imagination?

    Ali – Do you have any photos online? I’d love to see. I have the Chesire Cat on my back and it’s based on the American McGee version. I didn’t post it because I figured one photo of me in the mix was enough. ;)

  17. Im not looking forward to pop culture aftermath of crazy tattoos. I used to get asked about my Alice sleeve a lot.. now, its like I cant leave the house without a hoodie. Its CRAZY!!! and… I find the conversation followed by “o Im planning an Alice sleeve too!” sheeesh!!! Im guessing the same kinda thing that happened to Nightmare Before Christmas

    but! on the other hand.. its nice to see AWESOME alice tattoos, not crappy one.

  18. Am I the only one who can’t seem to see the mad hatter’s face in that tat? or am I just too sleepy?

  19. It’s not a reimagining, it’s an original sequel to the books. Which is why Alice is an adult, the hatter has a more prominent role, blah blah blah.

  20. Adding a little bit of a background story and a few more characters to Alice’s adventures didn’t do as much as i thought it would for the story. Truthfully i wanted to love this movie, I’m a huge Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp fan. But this just didn’t do it for me. I came out of the theater wondering if it were just the mediocre script or the director who had failed to meet my expectations. The best part of this movie is probably Johnny Depps portrayal of the mad hatter who truly is mad. However, Mia Wasikowska presents Alice in a dull manner that had me checking my watch every ten or fifteen minutes. Overall this film isn’t awful, but at the same time its no masterpiece, for an interesting film to look at I suppose this would be an alright choice, however if you want a great story and compelling acting, you might want to check out something else, because this isn’t the movie you’re looking for.

  21. I went to see the movie last night and it far exceeded my expectations. I loved it. I think it was perfectly done and I never checked the time once. Unfortunately a good number of people don’t know the books, they know the Disney cartoon and nothing else. And the Disney cartoon was a mashing together of both books with a lot of stuff left out.

    I knew I’d like the movie, that was a given. I didn’t think I’d love it. I’m going to go see it again. But I like stories like this one, that set the whole thing AFTER the original books. Johnny Depp was truly stellar. I’m a fan anyway but wow, just wow. Between him and Crispin Glover I was glued to the screen. I thought it was going to be more childish, since sadly Disney is behind this one too but it wasn’t. There was a lot going on under the surface that was both disturbing and upsetting and that was just great.

    So there you have it, a different take on the movie. Some will love it, some will hate it. Some won’t get it. I’m down for just about any Alice related film, comic, story, etc.

  22. Joshua – There are a lot of things that happen that are similar to things that happen in both books. He took the basic premise and told it in a new way, with Alice being older and the story taking place later. While it wasn’t a direct re-imagining of either book, it certainly was of the story as a whole. :)

  23. Firstly, I love these tattoos.
    Secondly, I noticed that The post’s title is actually a lyric from Bright Eyes’ song Down a Rabbit Hole,
    of which I have a growing suspicion is actually an allusion to the Film Donnie Darko, rather than Alice in Wonderland. (if you check out the song lyrics and know the movie, it’s pretty unmistakable.)
    However I could be entirely wrong. :)

  24. Kudos to you for catching on to the title. I don’t think the song is about a movie or a book. I’m quite positive it’s about drug addiction.

    “paint the foil with a flame, smear the soda, taste butane”

    I think the majority of their songs have something to do with drugs but maybe that’s just me.

    The English major in me is going to come out for a second because I LOVE analyzing poetry and a song is just that, a poem.

    I’m pretty certain the title of this song is an allusion to Alice in Wonderland. Alice fell into a rabbit hole. The story is often interpreted to be a drug trip. Particularly so in Jefferson Airplane’s song White Rabbit.

    I heard you fell into a rabbit hole (into addiction)
    Covered yourself up with snow (snow is sometimes used as slang for cocaine)
    Baby tell me where’d you go for days and days (addicts can disappear for days on drug benders, particularly since you lose track of time)

    Did they make you stay up all night (going back to losing time, the drugs keep you awake and if you continue to do them you can be awake for days)
    Did they paint your face that pasty white (pale, they’re not outside because they’re too busy lying on the floor, high as a kite, plus you’re just not healthy, you get pale when you don’t sleep for long periods of time)

    Sun turns us to stone, It’s a cloudy day
    But we still can’t go home, I’ve been out that cellar door
    Until we see the moon, We’re invisible

    (Obviously the Donnie Darko/cellar door imagery comes in there and it’s possible but I think more particularly they’re talking about hiding out in the basement and only coming out at night because they’re high)

    No one ever takes the garbage out (because they’re high and aren’t thinking of that)
    A neighbor kid gets dared to touch the house (the house has become this “haunted house” to the kids because no one ever sees the people who live there since they’re lying around on the floor, high)
    He runs back only to announce
    “There’s no one home” (they don’t think anyone is there because there’s no sign of life at the house also probably a reference to their state of mind when he says no one is home)

    Because we paint the foil with the flame (cooking drugs with foil and a lighter)
    Smear the soda, taste butane (smearing the baking soda, tasting the butane from the lighter because they’re freebasing)
    For every fear that can’t be named, To calm you down (drug paranoia, addiction, the drugs calm)

    Your heart starts skipping steps
    So you’re farther gone
    Than you might expect (so they’re further into the addiction than they realize, they don’t see what has become of themselves)
    If your thoughts should turn to death
    Gotta stomp them out
    Like a cigarette (using the drugs to kill the thoughts of suicide and depression)

    I am the biggest nerd ever. I love doing that stuff. :)

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