Where can I find a suspension group?

One of the most common questions on Ask BME has always been “where can I find a suspension group to help facilitate a suspension for me?”. Well, Allen, has taken that question and answered it as thoroughly as possible with this update of the Suspension Groups page on Suspension.org.


It’s genius in it’s simplicity and user friendliness. I simply clicked on the US, a hook icon appeared. I clicked it and it took me to a map of the US states. I clicked Virginia and then another hook icon appeared. I clicked it and voila my group, M.O.M Suspension, as well as my friends group, Homage, appeared.

It actually worked too well, because now I realize I really need to make a M.O.M website and get it online.

Anyhow, if you are looking for a group check it out. If you are in a group make sure your group is listed, if not fill out the application and if so, make sure all the information is correct. If you don’t see a group in your area, and you are interested in possibly starting one the forums are a great place to figure out what you would need to do so.

4 thoughts on “Where can I find a suspension group?

  1. Wow, there’s actually two relatively close to me, and one run by a guy piercing in a shop down here.

    I think I’m just too much of a wimp to actually go in and try to talk to him about it…

  2. You know, I am always astounded by how well connected the body modification industry is. Your friend from Homage, Sean? Works in a shop a few blocks away from my house. I’ve talked to him once or twice, definitely want to get some work done by him. Never imagined I was that closely connected to you, man.

  3. This list is far from complete. I think every suspension group should put themselves to that list so people can choose the group they like or in their neighborhood. And in Holland there are only 2 groups mentioned and there are more groups, which I heard about.

    I think it is good to tell your suspension group about the list if they are not on it. I will do this when I do my next suspension.

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