The difference between and square and a rectangle

All squares are rectangles. Not all rectangles are squares. That is basic elementary school math.

In the same basic knowledge all FULL beards have mustaches, yet not every mustache has a full beard.

Yet, for March Mustache Madness on Modblog, I am getting several submissions of Abe Lincoln style jaw beards with NO MUSTACHE.

This months special bonus super extreme modblog feature is about Mustaches, sometimes these mustaches will be attached to beards, but for this month the beard takes a back seat to the mustache.

If you have a rocking hearty beard you want to share with Modblog readers, either submit pics to BME the old fashioned way and hope it gets picked or patiently wait until SeptemBEARD, but this is March Mustache Madness.

Bein here understands the difference. Here he is with his double nostril , 1-1/2″ lobes and featuring his attempt at a mustache!


Now to answer the question everyone’s asking, “what happened to the BME Girls feature?”. Well it turns out we have had some legal issues and can no longer show naked females…….Ok that is total BS. The truth is I had made a mess of my email account with all the submissions and votes and had to get that all straightened out. Also, I am in the process of opening another piercing shop on top of lots of other personal projects none of you care about. However, what a lot of you do care about (as made obvious by the mass amount of messages and emails I received) is seeing gorgeous modified women on a weekly basis. So tonight, I am featuring a few extra beautiful modified ladies to make up for my recent failures to do so.

Also coming soon an interview/ feature on Jared from OneTribe organic body jewelry.

17 thoughts on “The difference between and square and a rectangle

  1. I think the moustache and shit eating grin makes up for the awesome blow outs.

    Ok, sorry, I just had to be *that* asshole that points that stuff out.

  2. wow, if you’re going to be rude why even comment? Cool internet guy points for you. :)

  3. i dont understand why everyone complains about blow outs… sometimes they just happen naturally… looking at old pictures of bear its very clear that he had blow out and it appears that his lobes just thickened up even more. why is that always pointed out as such a terrible thing? cool picture, sweet stache.

  4. Thanks everyone :D
    My ears aren’t usually that bad, I went out in the cold so they were flared up a bit.

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