Enter the BME… rap battle?

Some of us express ourselves through body adornment and modification, others paint and sculpt. Our friends anthonydoom and amnesiac share their appreciation for all things BME with rhymes…

Lyrics after the break!

Aai aai aai
I am your butterfly, I need your protection
Be my samurai
Aai aai aai
I am your butterfly
I need your protection, need your protection

iam, yo
Live life on a modified plan
I comment when I’m in the zone
one person
one mod
on the site
Gimme the time

Yo, Rachel, go

No fuckin’ around cutting down all dicks in my path
Trying to fuck up my game with intact glans and normal shafts
Hear that my dicks got bicetstyle
Wild, out of control
IAM’s got Shawn Porter’s sick style
With erotic mods for normal jobs
Great jewelry for, all
Till I hit ASTM with the CBR
Straight famine or feast
When you’re living on the implant grade
Stay sharp, sharp
Rolling with the BME high-spiritual
never seen mods so fresh, uh!
When we suspend high
our flows flex
Yo we optimistic
Not fuckin’ depressed
We not like the rest
My style is BME
Totally unknown
You can’t fuck with the world tour flow
Its hard to miss
“You can’t mod this”
Yeah, fuckin’ who said so?
We do what we like
Too hot to handle
Too cold to hold
You can’t fuck with the modified one
We want to scar you, uh

Aai aai aai
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Be my samurai
Aai aai aai
I am your butterfly
I need your protection, need your protection

Rachel is way cool
But don’t fuck with her game boy
Or She’ll TOS you
Skin is tough
When needles get stuck its time to
push through
Till I break-break-break on through to the other side
Check the bucket tons with patience like a stalker
BME has hardcore
People cut so deep, feel no pain
It’s not sore
Don’t ask for heavy or you’ll get what you ask for
I’m like a wild animal in the corner
Waiting for the break of dawn
Trying to get through the night
Just a man with the will to modify
My blades swing free
Create a subincision with amazing ease
This is not a game boy
Don’t play with me
I work my scalpel
Like a wild fuckin’ savage from the tribal side: danger!
Meg has a plan
Packaging orders
BMEshop is big in Japan
I seen the silicone
and got implants in my hand
BMEshop, Needles and a plan
Deep piercing, scar making fucking decker

Aai aai aai
I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Be my samurai
Aai aai aai
I am your butterfly
I need your protection, need your protection

This is like,
The coolest song I ever heard in my whole life
Fuck all of you who said I wouldn’t make Modblog
They said I was a loser
They said I was a no-one
They said I was a fuckin’ psycho
But look at me now
All up on the interweb
World-wide, 2010
Rachel in LA
DJ CSeipp

45 thoughts on “Enter the BME… rap battle?

  1. the funny thing is that i was just listening to one of die anwoords songs and then i pressed play on this video and thought that the song restarted haha

  2. Ha! I would say this is a step up from Burlesque…way to go buddy! Hope to see you soon.

  3. umm…his left arm is tattooed all the way to his hand, but his right arm is pretty bare. This troubles me slightly. :(

  4. That was dope. Definitely would like to hear a good quality version of that to download to my Ipod.

  5. Anybody notice that the track is a watered down version of T.I.’s “Whatever u Like” (stacks on deck, patron on ice)… you can literally sing it along.

  6. Thanks for the awesome feedback everyone. We spent an unreasonable amount of time on it.

    #32…huh? It’s a watered down version of a Die Antwoord song…and we fully admit that.

  7. Corinna, I don’t know who Die Antwoord is, but did TI rip them off? What year did the track come out? lol

  8. The original song is called “Enter the Ninja” from Die Antwoord. They are from Cape Town, South Africa. I believe they only started writing music as Die Antwoord in 2009 but listen to the original and see what you think. I only know a bit about the band but I can’t imagine they intentionally ripped something from TI. They actually have a pretty interesting back story, something along the lines of them being “trailer trash” and deciding to make music which led to writing Enter the Ninja. The video for Enter the Ninja eventually went viral and their careers took off. They will be touring Eastern Europe and the US this year.

    I can’t say for sure, but I know I like both songs so the definitely have that in common!

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