ROP BBQ is coming up in just a few months

One of the top “don’t miss”  US East Coast events is definitely the Rites Of Passage annual BBQ/ Campout.

This years event will be held Aug 13th, 2010 to Aug 15th, 2010. Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning will consist of BBQing, Suspensions, Pulls, and just relaxing with friends at Pittsfield State Forest in Massachusetts.

Spots to suspend are going to be LIMITED, so it really pays to donate ahead of time to guarantee yourself a chance. For those who want to suspend please contact us via email at [email protected] or contact Cere through IAM.

Campsites go quickly, last year they ended up booking out early, so I’d also recomend reserving your site now.


10 thoughts on “ROP BBQ is coming up in just a few months

  1. “Be Bear Aware: Don’t forget you are in Black Bear country. Never physically confront, feed, torment or throw anything at bears. Take appropriate precautions with food so as not to attract bears.”

    -The Pittsfield State Forest Website

    Good advice.

  2. Whenever I go camping where there may be bears, I either float my food out on a canoe, or I set up a rigging in a tree and suspend the food barrel.

    So, if a bear shows up to the BBQ, just rig everyone up and out of the way.

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