More amazing work from the freaky swastika…

John Durante, like Ron Garza, (who I mentioned not too long ago) is another great example of a body modification renaissance man.  He owns and runs the extremely popular Evolve Body Jewelry Company, offers piercing and scarification out of Laughing Buddha as well as on the road, and he travels extensively to integrate himself into all aspects of this community of ours.

Amongst his travels he had the chance to get this amazing tattoo by a favorite amongst Modblog readers, Marc from the now defunct, Swastika Freakshop.


39 thoughts on “More amazing work from the freaky swastika…

  1. I really really really want Marc to one day do a tattoo for me. Like, a whole side of my body kind of piece. Hands down, he is my favorite out of any tattoo artist I’ve seen. (No offense to other the many amazing other tattoo artists that appear here, just personal preference)

  2. john is the fuckin man! ehh, i guess marc’s alright too. haha… this is of course AMAZING. very very cool post.

  3. that . is. amazing.


    even more awesome when i realised there’s alot of dot work on the lower piece…


  4. first i thought its great
    but then !!!!!
    i realized those fucking swastikas everywhere
    whats up heretic
    we are waiting…..-

  5. This is amazing work. Everyone who keeps equating swastikas with nazis needs to stop, you’re just paying homage to them. Swastikas are one of the oldest symbols period (I say it’s time to reclaim it from the murderous, dickface nazis.)

  6. Damn, I wish people would do some research before jumping to the nazi conclusion.

    people, everything isnt what it seems on the surface.

    I am the least rasict person ever, but I love Marks work and swastika freakshop, because I am also someone who always looks beyond, and so the first time I can across this type of work, I though, wow, they are brave and stupid, but then I did some research, I really wish more people knew about the real, PEACEFUL swastika and not the one used by nazi scum.

    great post by the way.

  7. Wow….seriously a kick ass back piece! I also have a blackwork/dotwork backpiece and there are many swasticas hidden in it. Go read Manwoman’s book, “the gentle swastica”, that should clear some shit up.

  8. Surely someone can let me know what the earweights are made from, or at least tell me where I can get some.

  9. As much as I love Marcs work. I do have one complaint. All of his tattoos usually look the same. I mean, it’s great that he has this style he is so good at. But how about something else? So people can really see how great he is. By doing different themed pieces with different art styles rather than the usual stipple, blackwork, swastika, and scribble red.

    Otherwise, great work.

  10. hm maybey ask the wearer because hes owning a jewelry company
    i shure its from there

  11. i seriously think the comments about the swastikas being nazi signs were a joke. at least i hope so.

    damn if only i could make it to germany id love to have marc tattoo me.

  12. @22 did you check bmeshop? they used to sell some pretty cool earweights. or check out the IAM jewelry exchange.

  13. FUCKING LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOHN DUDE!!!!! WHEN YOU COMING BACK TO UPLAND?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  14. By the way the earweights are made from dominican amber… As well all the nazi posts were a joke!!!

  15. I kind of figured that they were amber. The more I looked at them, the more I was convinced that it was amber. Lucky you for having something so beautiful.

  16. Looks awesome!!! As usual!!! Grrrreat!!!

    Swastika, swastika, nazi… Hey! Ppl! Don’t be so stupid and mind-limited!!! Swastika is not equal “nazi”. This is just stupid…

    PS: my father, when he saw my “flying swastika” t-shirt, he was nearly shoked and it was so crazy))) He said that this is very very bad symbol, nazi, fashism and etc. He is limited man. I’m not. I hope everybody will remember that swastika is a good and pozitive symbol!

  17. Wow! That is seriously beautiful work.

    Is Marc ever coming to Australia???? Sign me up for a session. :)

  18. I know you’re not supposed to think so on BME but… his work is boring the shit out of me!! ALways the “not so solid” black, the dotted swastikas and the unreadable readish ink…

    Allright the design was pretty new when he came around with it, but I have that nasty feeling of always seeing the same stuff again and again and again.

    So, definitely not doing it for me any more.

  19. well i like it, the whole thing, looks sort of painted on (back peice) which in my book makes it cooler

    i’d be very happy to wear it

  20. I want some work from Swastika Freak Shop more than anyone I can think of (save Ed Templeton, if he’s down).

    This piece is awesome. As is everything I’ve seen from Swastika Freakshop

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