Rooty tooty fresh and fruity

Not since the the paparazzi caught Brad Pitt wearing fruit of the looms has fruit ever looked quite as sexy on someone as it does on my friend Katie’s side.


Tattoo by  Zack Spurlock at Anonymous Tattoo in Savannah, GA.

21 thoughts on “Rooty tooty fresh and fruity

  1. I really love the bee in the middle of everything. Feels so fresh and alive. Beautiful.

  2. AWESOME tattoo! And I give her a HUGE amount of credit for sitting through what had to have been a very painful piece.

  3. Definitely like the bee in the midst of all that is happening in this tattoo.

  4. Anyone have any idea what the preexisting tattoo below the strawberries is?

  5. Spurlock always impresses me. Anonymous Tattoo is the place to go

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