Tattooed women and image

I don’t know about you but I’ve been doing my best to ignore the hoopla surrounding Sandra Bullock, Jesse James and “the other woman”.  CBS has a short video up about how tattooed women are fighting back against the image that Michelle McGee seems to have (unwittingly or not) created for us.  The video clip is fairly superficial and only a couple of minutes long but still worth a gander. Recognize anyone?

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Edit: Marissa posted a short follow-up on her blog.

41 thoughts on “Tattooed women and image

  1. WOW – WOW – How closed mind was some of them,

    How can they sit there and slag some one off like that,,all because they have tattoo’s,, just amazes me the closed mind they have, one word IGNORANT

    OMG, back to reality and what I love, Tattooed/pierced bodies, !!

    Love, Peace and METAL !!


  2. I recognize Marisa from legal link.
    This whole video makes me just ill.
    Yes, Michelle Mcgee has tattoos, a lot of mass murderers and child molesters have no tattoos at all…
    People are forgetting the fact that underneath the first few layers of ink, we all have soul. Some just choose to show it on the outside. If people are going to shit on her, they need to do it for the fact of her actions, not because of what she looks like. What’s the difference between what they are saying and stereotyping? Absolutely nothing. Just more proof that we are regressing faster than we know it.

  3. I’m glad this is getting some coverage here ’cause I think it deserves to be talked about, even if it does seem silly or dumb. however, I can’t decide what’s more frustrating – the stupid stereotypes or the judgmental condescension coming from other women regarding this issue (for example, it’s pretty blatant in Marissa’s various posts on the subject, which is distressing because I’d hoped she was above that sort of thing). the way to open up discussion about this and combat the judgments about us is not to say “oh, we’re not like THOSE skanky bitches, we’re different… fuck those sluts!”

    regardless, thank you for posting this! I’m interested to see what actual tattooed people think of all these shenanigans.

  4. i think i recognize , dany dimattia’s wife ? is that true ? ( calypso tattoo )

    what i do hate is the reporter saying , we may not judge people by their appearance , and then all of a sudden she indeed starts to judge tattooed people , like ? why do you first say it and then break your own rule ? pfff

    but offcourse they can crack that mcgee with her tattoos , cause if she didn’t have tattoos , they would probably crack her with something else … but now they say , offcourse she’s a pornstar , offcourse she breaks relationships , cause she has tattoos ! , pfff i don’t bother too much , the less people are getting tattoos just to be cool the more happier i am …

  5. I hate how there is such a negative stigma surrounding modified women, or modified people in general. I am a music teacher working on a master’s degree in flute performance. After seeing me, one of the mothers of the children I teach withdrew her daughter from lessons, commenting that she didn’t want my “self-mutilation” to damage her daughter’s self-image. … I’m am not anywhere near heavily modified either. I have a tiny tattoo on my wrist, a monroe piercing and a pierced nostril with a modest amount of ear piercings. Her dislike of tattoos and piercings must be pretty extreme for that to offend her, but it’s still frustrating. I have my piercings and tattoo because I love my body and want to highlight certain parts of it. It doesn’t mean I’m a criminal, whore, bad person, etc. And it certainly doesn’t effect my ability to play and teach the flute.

  6. whats funny, nobody has said anything about Jesse James’s tattoos. “This woman, what a skank, she has tattoos!” Jesse James has plenty of tattoos. But that’s just accepted. This smells like the woman blaming that society does when a man cheats on his wife. Of course Michelle McGee shares blame, but Jesse James was the one going around cheatin’. Why isn’t there more negative impact on him? I’m not defending Michelle, either, it’s stupid that someone wants to be famous because of dumb shit like this.

  7. I feel bad for Sandra Bullock, but I do think the other chick is hot, all of the nazi shit aside. She’s definitely full of shit though. She has, on the back of her legs, a W on one, and a P on the other. She says this stands for wet pussy. Though everyone else sees white power, hahahaha.

  8. wow, that’s her feeble excuse for the WP? jesus.

    “when your body looks like a dirtbag’s binder from seventh grade metal shop. . .” wow. speechless.

  9. o god shut up oo yh who we are tattooos predgadice ur not trying to be a fukin model were do u find stigma shut up

  10. varevinc – Dan and Marisa are no longer together, but yes that’s her.

    Sara – I totally get what you’re saying. I was really torn about whether or not I wanted to post anything about it because I really don’t think these things are anyone’s business but the people involved. I also really didn’t want to give any more publicity to the person in question. On the other hand, it IS important to talk about the stigma that generally follows tattooed women, especially heavily tattooed women.

    So basically I’d been kind of ignoring the story but then I saw a link to the CBS video that Marisa had posted on Facebook and decided it was time to bring the topic here because aside from the obvious relevance of the tattooed world, Marisa has written articles for BME.

    Emi – Totally agree with you there too. I think the reason why the fire is burning so hot for McGee is because of the way she went to the tabloids with it. And that’s a whole other can of worms for me and I definitely won’t get into it here.

    So I guess what is the reason for the focus on McGee’s tattoos and not James’? Is it because Sandra Bullock has such a wholesome and pure image and McGee seems to be completely the opposite? Surely her tattoos alone don’t do that. Her character and her morals are not denoted by her tattoos. So Jesse James is painted as this “tattooed rebel” that maybe Sandra Bullock thought she could tame (I’m not saying she thought this, the tabloids are presenting this story) and then you have McGee, who is omg, full of tattoos and she slept with a married man… It’s definitely being presented as a good girl vs. bad girl. I think McGee brought a lot of the flack on herself from going to the tabloids in the first place to the things she’s said about Sandra Bullock since but why she’s suddenly become some kind of representation for tattooed women everywhere, I don’t know. That blame sits squarely on the media who is more concerned with how she looks then what actually happened.

    That sure was long-winded of me but I’m interested to hear what others think. I like to analyze everything. Why do you all think the media has chosen to focus, almost to the exclusion of the affair, on McGee’s tattoos?

  11. also, i have something to say. a big part of the reason i get mods is so that when people see me, they know off the bat that i am not like them. to some degree i enjoy the ostracization that accompanies being modified as it is an expression of the ostracization that i feel just because of who i essentially am as a person, regardless of the mods. i have no desire to be one of the mindless sheep that police each other through scorn of the unusual. also, sandra bullock can go fuck herself i really don’t give a fuck about her and her life.

  12. Bombshell Mcgee is just a whore, all the bs about “I did not know he was married” is bs, Thats kind of like walking into the mens bathroom and saying “sorry I didn’t know I was a woman”.
    But there are plenty of whores and bullshitters out there tattooed pierced,…non tattooed non pierced,….were all human, the outer layer has nothing to do with the true skank dwelling within a great majority of humans…male and female. As far as I’m concerned I could care less about one more Slut (tattooed or not) brought to attention by the public media. Jesse James and Bombshell should get together and keep on the slut fest there perfect for each other. I’m all for the Swastika it’s a peaceful symbol shamed by the hands of Hitler himself…..yet most of the world has no comprehension for the true meaning of the Swastika. Yet I doubt Jesse was interested in the peaceful meaning of it….he has some kind of Nazi fetish (w/e) floats ur freak boat. SALUD!

  13. Honestly, i would have no problem killing the fucking newsreader around 0.40 minutes, the arrogant face and way of talking. No problem at all.

    I don’t even understand other people and their way of judgement… If they had valid reasons, no problem. But lost of them are just plain stupid, i pity them ….

  14. I can see where all the offended people are coming from, but i think everyone is blowing this way out of proportion. why are we living in a country where everything has to be so politically correct and we always have to bite our tongues and be accepting of all? I’m in no way defending her, and i am in no way defending the people who think tattooed girls are slutty and unwholesome, but we chose to get our tattoos and therefor have no right to claim discrimination because of it. Personal choices will always affect a person in any community no matter what they are expressing. and for people claiming to be offended by the negative impact of the relation between promiscuous women and tattoos there sure are a lot of “skank” cards being thrown around which is “offensive” on a whole new level.
    America blows everything way out of proportion. Half of our discrimination claims arrant even about discrimination anymore. it used to be the best country on earth (back when capitalism used to mean working hard to earn and get ahead not buying more than you can afford and wanting our government to pay you for it) until people got greedy and decided that they were going to push their rights as far as they possibly could.
    I honestly didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant about america, but our people keep pushing issues that I see no reason in having pushed. As a heavily tattooed woman I feel that there is nothing to “reclaim” with this “scandal” and there never really will be unless we keep making this extremely blown out fuss about things.
    People need to just keep on living their lives their own ways and not force their reasons behind it down everyone’s throats. Who honestly cares?!
    Everyone just seems to want a piece of the spotlight to “shed some information” on issues no one with half a brain really cares about.

  15. “Everyone just seems to want a piece of the spotlight to “shed some information” on issues no one with half a brain really cares about”

    thank you, this just about sums up what i feel about this.

    writing my essay for my bachelors degree in social anthropology i have met people who have been severely discriminated against because of their mods (and lots who have not). some people are just assholes, what the world needs to understand is that assholes come in all shapes and sizes, but theyre still assholes nonetheless regardless of shape or size.

    Dennis who do not read tabloid crap on a regular basis and dont really care for whos doing who and how.

  16. “Everyone just seems to want a piece of the spotlight to “shed some information” on issues no one with half a brain really cares about”

    sums it up for me too, look at all the women who just poped up saying they had slept with tiger woods, as for McGee, i could care less, a person is a person, and acts in a way they do because its who they are, not because of what have done to their bodies, and i also doubt a bit over her “w” and “p” tattoo meaning “white power”, but thats how i like to think, i still think the whole “fuck the world” tattoos really mean “for the win”, i think if she really was racist she wouldnt want to be near the media, after all, all racists are stupid people, and couldnt justify why thay are racist, and normaly resort to “i have black friends” or whatever comes to mind 1st

  17. What Tina Fey said made me laugh so hard i cried a bit.
    It just makes me frustrated (and a bit sad) that women like that give the tattooed good girls a bad name still, and it keeps people from seeing that we’re more than homewreckers and whores.

  18. what can i say, there is a beautiful tattoos that makes u beautiful , and there;s ugly tattoos that makes u ugly
    but some people don’t need an ugly tattoo to be ugly , like that bitch on the news

  19. Oh come on Tina Fey is awesome no matter what, it is just that the cast of SNL strongly supports Sandra Bullock, you can clearly see that in the last show, as Kristen Wiig was wearing Bullock team t-shirt!
    I share the views of Tina regarding Bombshell, although i do not agree with the whole idea of Tattooed women = home wreckers! It is just that Bombshell, the way she acts, talks and the look of her tattoos is not pleasant, and incites negativity. I am sure if it were any other tattooed woman, without a Nazi association and the strange attitude towards this whole situation – would make things much different, with the blame being put on Jesse rather then tattooed women. I believe that if Bombshell was not tattooed, and belonged to some other “social community” then that community would be blamed! She just seems unpleasant as a person, making herself a gateway for blame.

  20. Obviously the Sg was a terrible reference because I don’t know how many of us ‘tattooed women’ really believe that is doing positive things for ‘us’. I’m disapointed that it was never mentioned that while this Michelle Mgee might be an untasteful tramp, that has nothing to do with having tattoos.

  21. You know, I always thought Tina Fey was a really great role model, a female that was actually pretty cool… But now, yeah she lost some major points in my book.

    It is a shame, however, that women are discriminated against because of modification. Thusly why we need to get out there and represent our community in a positive manner. I don’t know how many scientists and lawyers and teachers, pillars of the community have heavy tattooing, but the numbers are increasing. It’s about time we started standing up and changing some damn minds!

    If they don’t accept us, then that’s theirs and the entire community’s loss. You neglect some of the most brilliant minds because of their personal choices. It’s ridiculous.

  22. LOL
    who gives a shit if they like us or not
    but that tattooed silicon diva Michelle looks i am not surprised, they hated her
    haha and SG is fucking LOL
    “SG helped girls to feel not only beautiful but very sexy ”
    is that a joke?

  23. i really don’t know what you guys are talking about, i love crazy nazi chicks who look like that

  24. They should have said “Suicide Girls not only helps girls promote there Vaginas ….and tits….but also lets men virtually from all over the world take a look at your tattooed goodies” I’m not dissing suicide girls… but the truth is removing your clothing online for the world to see does not make you sexy nor makes your a strong woman.
    I love being naked, hell I’m naked rite now. So if you wanna get naked online and show your nips go for it girl.
    But removing your clothing to show off your tattooed body well is just that….helping some guys penis get an erection if that makes you feel feminine and sexy in the process…w/e have a blast. Haha it’s like the guy defending tattooed woman talking about suicide girls really helps “Not all tattooed woman are whores and home-wreckers, some are good woman who just enjoy showing the pussy and tits” THANKS!!!

  25. I thought the Tina Fey comment was FUNNY! SNL is a comedy show, they make fun of everything, tattoos are not excluded. I say this with full respect for themodded community, have about 50% of my body tattooed. We all have to do our own part in proving to our society that tattoos do not mean evil or sexual deviant. We can be heavily tattooed and be successful. I personnaly work as an admissions representative at a medical school! Keep on proving them wrong people. Actions speak louder then blogs.

  26. 27: Her Forehead says “forgive all sinners” i believe.
    She’s a skank and i feel bad for sandra but there is no reason to pick on her for being tattooed. sure, pick on her for being a ho, but not a tattooed ho.

  27. Am I right in asking if that $(*!^$!*(!)$%&%)_##_>!!!!!! who said the biz about the dirtbag’s binder, is named Tina Fey?

  28. Interesting video. I am happy that the tattoo shops they showed looked very professional and the people they interviewed seemed educated. I think this was as non biased as it could have possibly been considering the story it is covering.

  29. What did Tina Fey say? I’m on my phone so I wasn’t actually able to watch the video. And as far as the “W” and “P” tattoos, I don’t really know the deal with them. I just know what I’ve heard on TMZ and all that inside edition bullshit. And that’s exactly what it is, bullshit. So, who knows? I still think she’s bangin.

  30. I didn’t watch the video because based on comments, doesn’t seem like it’s worth watching. Michelle obviously loves attention, and is a slut with no morals. Having “Forgive all sinners” on her forehead doesn’t make it any better, and people like her make me feel ashamed for having tattoos and being a woman. I don’t want to get lumped into a category with her.

    As far as the “WP” thing, I had to look that up. At first I wasn’t sure it was a racist tattoo, but there’s also pictures of her in a Nazi style photo shoot, and pictures of her tattoo of the Nazi eagle (complete with swastika in the middle) right above her crotch. So I think it’s safe to say she’s a racist slut.

  31. Laugh it off ladies! In a month or two another celeb will be caught cheating and this will be forgotten, then Kat von D will release some makeup or a clothing line and everyone will be raving about how great tattoos are again. Its just trendy to jump on a bandwagon and bandwagon, and the “tattooed women are sluts like bombshell mcgee” will those steam soon and be forgotten. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”- Dr. Seuss

  32. Lost major respect for Tine Fey right there. I know SNL is supposed to be funny and it makes fun of everyone, but that comment she made was over the top. Call me sensitive, I don’t care.

    Also, SG? REALLY? ughh.

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