Do it yourself, with the dicing slicing gomco-matic!

One of the common issues I (and I would imagine a lot of other piercers) run into on a regular basis is the parents who bring their infant daughter in for ear piercings. No laws in my state keep me from doing this, but my personal ethics will not allow me to do any modification on an non consenting client. My view on circumcision is the exact same, I don’t feel it’s my right to decide the fate of my son’s penis. I feel that is a decision for him to make as a consenting informed adult.

Apparently, the parents of this BME Hard contributor, shared my viewpoints and left their son uncut. Now as an adult he has not only decided to get circumcised, it appears he decided to do the procedure himself using a gomco clamp.


To see the blood beyond the blur, keep on keeping on.


35 thoughts on “Do it yourself, with the dicing slicing gomco-matic!

  1. Wonder if he used anesthetic during the procedure? Regardless if he did or if he did not, it looks like it motherfucking hurt.
    Ps: I am no circumcision expert here, but did he do the procedure correctly?

  2. jeremy, no one cares if you’re first.

    I would love to see more pictures. Ya know, like a before and a few more angles.

  3. Louise: Hair happens. Grow over it.

    This is one of the rare times I think there should have been shaving, but only because that’s a typical part of prep work for surgical mods and tattooing.

  4. im no professional but mine looked nothing like that when it was done. no hair was shaven by the doctors, and of course appearance was cleaner. But i give this person credit for doing it himself! mine hurt a lot afterward, could not imagine performing this procedure myself.

  5. So. Here we have an example of a legal medical procedure that could have been performed at reasonable cost and with far less risk by any one of literally thousands and thousands of trained doctors. Why does this count as an example of “body modification” worthy of inclusion on BME?

  6. maybe i dont know both sides of the argument here, but i was never “snipped”, and im happy to be able to make the choice for myself, and im perfectly happy this way. This said, what are the exact advantages of circumcission?

  7. maybe i dont know both sides of the argument here, but i was never “snipped”, and im happy to be able to make the choice for myself, and im perfectly happy this way. This said, what are the exact advantages of circumcission?

  8. @ wob and taylor. because this is a body modification… and it should be included on BME because its important for people to see what a circumcision looks like, especially if their deciding to cut their kids, or planning on cutting themselves.

  9. Penn and Teller did a pretty good show about the pros and cons of circumcision if anyone is interested. Mostly cons though.

  10. Eli, the argument is usually that doctors won’t perform the procedures people want, and that’s why they resort to doing them themselves or to going to non-doctors. Yet here we have a very common procedure that doctors are very willing to do. And I just searched “circumcision” on Google Images and got 981,000 results: it’s hardly difficult to find examples.

  11. To the little dispute as to if this is really considered a form of body modification. I personally believe the answer is yes and no. If you are a person who was circumcised at birth, and have no memory, or even the choice of having it done, you can not call that a body modification. However, if you have lived with your foreskin, and one day decide that you want to get it chopped off, I think that should count as a traditional body modification. Because the person made the choice to physically alter their own body for aesthetic, personal, and in some cases sexual reasons.

    There’s my two cents.

  12. once again WOB proves that he/she doesn’t belong on BME.
    way to go wob.

    @wob so I wonder if you even have modifications? because if you ever decide to stop being a bitch and do your own or even get one. its pretty fun.
    I enjoy doing my own, and maybe instead of being a narrow minded bigot educate your self?

    learn a bit WOB

    “Why would someone not want to go to a professional?

    There are a thousand reasons a person might not want to go to a
    professional. Their state might not allow piercing, or they might be
    below the legal age required. There might not be any qualified piercers
    in their area, or they might be uncomfortable having someone else
    invade their space in this way. They might want to do the piercing in a
    sexual context, or they might simply not be able to afford going to a
    piercer. The validity of these reasons is of course debatable, but the
    point is that many people do not want to go to a piercing studio to get
    their piercing, and they have that right.”

    BME archives

  13. while its not exactly on home done circumcision I would say its a fair enough stretch to give a basic idea

  14. wob, im not sure how making the argument that since tons professionals do it, its not a form of body modification.. and i never said that people cant find information on circumcision, its just most people tend to not search out pictures of chopped up dicks. BME and modblog is meant to show these people these types of images to broaden their minds, correct?

  15. nikk, I’ve been nothing by polite to you. I have no idea why you don’t extend me the same courtesy, but I suggest that if you can’t do any better in refuting someone’s argument than calling them a bitch (or quoting something totally irrelevant), you shouldn’t bother trying.

    Eli, I didn’t say that since doctors do it it’s not a form of body modification. But I’m sure you recall the recent post about the labial reduction controversy? One of the main arguments people were making there was that doctors won’t perform this type of surgery so people have to turn to non-professionals (or at least, non-medical professionals). With that in mind, I asked why a routine male circumcision, a legal medical procedure that could have been performed at reasonable cost and with far less risk by a trained doctor, was being included as an example of “body modification” on BME?

    And by the way, what you said was “it should be included on BME because its important for people to see what a circumcision looks like, especially if their deciding to cut their kids, or planning on cutting themselves.” To which I responded that there is a wealth of information out there, so that isn’t a valid argument either.

  16. wob, im not quite sure what your trying to say in your second paragraph. In regards to labial reduction, shouldn’t its male equivalent be equally controversial and receive an equal amount of acknowledgment on BME regardless of how common it is? and the fact still remains that removing the foreskin is altering the original form of the human body, thus falling under the category of “body modification”. and since when is BME a site that focuses on certain types of body modification and ignoring others?

    In response to your third paragraph, even if their is a “wealth of information out there”, there may be people out there who have not come across this information. And say a person who is new to body mods hears about this cool “modblog” and they come a-browsing and finds this post. Its quite possible that they have not seen a circumcision before, and their mind will have been exposed to something new. Even if this is the only person who gained new knowledge, this post will still have been worth posting because it showed this person how brutal a circumcision can be.

  17. for a while, when i was younger, i wished i had been cut for a very similar reason to the hairdresser guy in the video. but now, no thank you. really, it’s a great part to still have. what harm could it do to let your kid become a sentient being and have his say in the matter before you put him down for what could be considered a pretty damn hardcore mod if we thought of it differently? it just seems wrong to me. if i ever reproduce, you’re damn sure the kid’s coming home intact. if he wants it gone later, i’d gladly pony up the cash to get it done when hes old enough to have a say in it. it’s an uproar when you see a baby with its ears pierced… but circumcision happens so often and no one bats an eye. just sayin.

  18. I am only rude wob because you purposely try and start flame wars. its pathetic
    and what I said was entirely relevent. you asked why would someone do it themselves instead of going to a doctor. I responded with information on why someone wouldnt.

    @Eli I completely agree with your last paragraph. Just because it is something that is common doesn’t make it an invalid form of modification.

    surf BME main site and see all the ritual scarification, say what you will about the motivations its still technically modifying your body, just like being circumsized.
    circumcision does alter ones life so to say that because it was pre birth is illogical because the person will still have an impact because of it.

    polite enough for you wob? …dick

  19. @ jake, you are so right dude. I was not snipped and thanks to the 4th grade health teacher explaining that nearly ALL boys were cut and its EXTREMELY rare for a boy not to be cut, and i went through elementary and middle school thinking i was some gross freak. In high school i got talking with some other friends, and found that more than half were not circumcised. This is one fucked up norm that makes so many boys think that somethings wrong with them when in reality, baby circumcision is a dying trend that in the next 50 years will be considered an embarrassment to our culture. plus that bit people cut off makes sex so much better. why the hell would you want to diminish sexual pleasure??

  20. dude,
    I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting really sick of the negativity here.
    It’s a communtity of friends, be nice or leave.

  21. Wob was being polite, so was Eli. It’s Nikk who needs the attitude adjustment. Just plain rude. “Bigot?” why did you throw that in there?
    Anyway, Zach has the right idea.
    Plus, I have learned something from this article, so it has worked. Thank you Sean.

  22. @Wob: I think the importance of this post lies in its DIY nature. I would imagine a very small minority of the 980,000+ image results would have been self-done (and thereby could lack the certain deeply personal quality that seems inherent in most ‘modifications’). It would surprise me if this blog posted an entirely routine circumcision performed by a qualified medical professional, but the method seems to be the curiosity here.

    Anyway, you’ve been civil and justified in raising the issue. Your man nikk seems like a bit of a cock.

  23. @scott I’m a dick. I dont pretend to be anything other than that. If you don’t like my attitude ignore me.

    as far as community goes ill befriend anyone who wants to talk. The way I view Modblog is as a argumentative forum to discuss our society. Its always been a good discussion forum, go back to entries from two years ago and see how heated it got.
    I just dislike the way Wob goes about it sometimes, it doesn’t mean I dont have a marginal bit of respect for him.

  24. i think i’m confused…
    it is a modification to the body you were born with, yes? whether a doctor did it or not.

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