Stay away, from Captain Howdy!

Ever wanted to be in a movie? This could be your chance. We received the following email today:

Nehst Studios along with Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider, are pleased to announce the filming of Strangeland II: Disciple. A sequel to Dee’s cutting edge film Strangeland, the film will feature similar progressive ideas and images such as unique tattoos, piercings and unconventional body modifications.

Nehst is currently seeking experts, trained individuals and participants in the fields of suspension, flesh hook pulls, tattoos, body art, piercings and body modification to be a part of the cast and crew of Strangeland II: Disciple. Those who are interested may register at

Watch Dee Snider personal video about his new film and find up-to-date information on Strangeland II: Disciple, on Facebook.

For more information on Nehst Studios and upcoming products visit

Laura Novak

Social Network Director
NEHST Studios

If you’re unfamiliar with the first film, on which Keith Alexander lent a helping hand, check out the BME Wiki entry on Strangeland. If you’re unfamiliar with Dee Snider/Twisted Sister, I can’t help you!

9 thoughts on “Stay away, from Captain Howdy!

  1. well… just to let everyone know, it cost 3.95 to apply for the role… i spent about 15 minutes filling everything thing out to find out that they wanted money… so be warned… otherwise, it wasnt that bad and not a bad deal… i just dont have the 8 bucks on a credit card…

  2. About time this happened. Remember hearing about this at a Monster Mania convention in New Jersey about five or so years ago. Let’s hope it doesn’t blow.

  3. Oh neat. Isn’t this the movie that made people who are into modification out to be serial killers? totally.

  4. bummer. keith was embarrassed to have his name on it. he probably wouldn’t’ve appreciated you linking to his name in reference to it yet again. :/

  5. Might help if, in this sequel, the hero or good guy / gal is also heavily modified. The fact that the original made us out to be nut jobs did kind of suck, even though I thought the movie itself was delightful in a cheesy-and-lovin-it kind of way.

  6. Oh, come on!
    1. It’s just a movie.
    2. Only Captain Howdy was a serial torturer(I seem to remember the only person who died did so due to a heart murmor or something like that). There were lots of people with piercings and tattoos that didn’t hurt anyone. Remember the tow truck driver?
    3. Dee Snider is fuckin’ awesome.

  7. I fit the description of Sylvain, I’ve never acted but for some reason I really want to apply for this 🙂

  8. I heard about this months ago myself. I was highly unhappy with having to “pay” to apply for a role in the movie, so I basically snuffed the idea out.

    But I still like the idea that they’re making another one.

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