The bird king people eater

This interesting piece was only Jamie Mahood’s second attempt at realistic color work. To date she’s only been tattooing 2.5 years but her work definitely doesn’t seem like it came from a rookie artist. Perhaps that is due to the great tattoo lineage from which she learned. She apprenticed under Wes Grimm who is the great grandson of Bert Grimm. Jamie currently works at Suffer City Tattoo in Dallas, TX.


25 thoughts on “The bird king people eater

  1. This is breathtaking. Can’t wait to see what her tattoos look like with a few more years of experience.

  2. HOLY FUCK I am in love with this person!

    I’ve planned on getting a tattoo from the garden of earthly delights. Bosch is <3

  3. bosch gives me nightmares… in a good way. and sick execution as well

    (ps @LarvaHc “404 Not Found”)

  4. bosch “earthly delights” Painting was recently used as a section in a massive art show in london ontario
    where students would choose a specific place of the paint next to them selves in a full life self portrait, and items included to represent them all situated in a studio space. this image od the bird king eater was a favorite among the classes choice.

  5. She’s been a great person of interest lately for the work I want on my arms. I’m excited that she’s getting recognized.

  6. This is one of my favorite paintings, I adore Bosch! This is so well done too. I’d always wanted to get a tattoo from Earthly Delights but just couldn’t pick one element.

  7. Normally I am not a fan of color…However, this piece is absolutely beautiful.
    Very impressive.

  8. I know that this is from Earthly Delights but the first thing I think is: Tilburg’s dutch brown ale! This is the picture on their label. (it’s a very tasty brown ale BTW)

  9. Wow, I’ve been wanting this tattoo forever! Amazing, stunning, beautful…

  10. Amazing tribute to the most moving part of the epic work!! Looking at the painting again (on my wall at home) every part of that painting would translate well onto flesh. Heavy

  11. Wes is my uncle I have one finished peice by him and he is working on my second and if I’m not mistaken jamie came to christmas with him she is a fun chick

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