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Ron messaged me and asked if I could repost the entry on the rotisserie suspension with an added note of warning. I explained to him that reposting  the exact same post wouldn’t fly. However, in that exact same day I was shown a video of a recent suspension performance where a guy suspending suicide fell. I couldn’t quite make out if the rope broke or a knot came untied but either way it was an easily avoidable mistake. Luckily, for all involved, the suspendee was hanging fairly low and in an upright position so there was minimal chance of injury.

Nonetheless, seeing that video  more than justified me posting Ron’s updated note of caution (regarding the rotisserie suspension video):

When you see the clip, all you may see is the awesomeness of a rotating suspension.. what you DON’T see is all the time , research, planning and practice going into this.. When you watch the clip, you will also see my dear friend Richard Nunez during one of these show practices where he flew off the rig and had to be taken to the hospital for a concussion and sutures. As scary as it was to deal with , it was even scarier to be the one responsible for what happened and to have hurt a member of my family like that.

This episode is a VERY LARGE part of why I feel the way I do about suspension safety these days. Sure we weren’t doing normal suspensions.. but neither is a lot of the stuff going on these days either.. The time has come to step and bring safety into the 21st century as well!”

Kids, respect your elders.

5 thoughts on “A note from Ron

  1. I totally agree, safety is a must, what ever your doing in body modification, but accidents can still happen, although all the precausions were taken it happened, but saying that if it didnt happen we dont learn sometimes things go to plan but sometimes they dont even with full research and planing,he is lucky not to be seriously hurt and thats the main thing, But safety is a must and is a first for me, i could let anyone do something which may cause harm to there body unless all the safety research planning had been taken into over and over again till i felt happy inside and its the same if i was gonna do something i’d have to know what the in’s and out’s were, but i would still no there are always risks nothing could every be 100%.
    sorry if i rambled this is my first time

    love Paul (humanevolution)

  2. Paul, the problem nowadays is that alot of people are not taking ANY precautions. The “accidents” that are happening lately that we are hearing about arent due to trial and taking precautions and experimentation, but rather due to complete and total negligence.. The failure that sean was talking about in the above post was due to the fact that someone with ZERO training and ZERO will to be trained properly was using slipknots as his knotwork. In a day and age where information is as available as it is nowadays, to make mistakes like that just shows that individuals cant be “bothered” with responsibility.

  3. ron-i agree- it hurts ALOT to know you where responsible for someone falling. i remember my first and only fall during a CoRE show in 2001. i was head rigger for the show and eddie fell-thankfully he only got bruised. 1 bolt came unscrewed and he fell-with a rig still attached and another person on the other side of the spinning beam. SAFETY IS ALWAYS FIRST.

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