What do Dan DiMattia and colour have in common?

Up until yesterday I would have said nothing. Then I saw this.


I had the pleasure of meeting (and staying with) Dan a few years back. He was incredibly nice except when he refused to speak to me until I started speaking to him in French. Here we are in his shop, demonstrating the difference between tall and short.

Dan & Jen at Calypso many long years ago

Dan & Jen at Calypso many long years ago

I’ve always been a huge fan of his work and who could blame me? Check out some of Dan’s new work.



Dan will be at the New York Tattoo Convention in May but I’m told he’s all booked up. If you’re having tattoo envy and want to get inked by Dan, your best bet is to plan a trip to Belgium so you can see him at his shop, Calypso Tattoo, in Liege. As for me, I’m afraid I’ll just have to keep dreaming for now.

10 thoughts on “What do Dan DiMattia and colour have in common?

    And I do not use the caps lock button often!!! (-:

  2. Always been a fan of his work (Calypso’s website is full of good quality photos of his work, and some of them have been featured on modblog before), my favourite being perhaps his wife’s sleeve; it contains so many influences from different cultural styles, but they work well together. And also I’m just a sucker for dotwork.

    It’s also nice to know, that at least one of my idols lives on the same continent as I, so getting work by them is not just a distant dream.

  3. OMG i’m on bme!!!!!!!! A wonderful gift for my morning!

    Thanks for my sleeves and thanks to Dan! He did a wonderful job, this man is amazing!

    Bye everyone

  4. that first sleeve is filthy. (in the best possible way, i promise)
    and the nyc convention should be cool, see ya all there!

  5. I love the first sleeve. That is exactly the kind of design I want to get, but it’s surprisingly rare to see that combination of red and black, and linework and dotwork, and swirls. Very, very nice. I’m very jealous of whoever that is. =]

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