Pirate Booty

My friend Emily, showed me this picture because she loved the tattoo. It’s not just Emily that loves this though, every single female I show this tattoo to seems to absolutely love it.


This tattoo on Yomee was done by Mimsy of Mimsy’s Trailer Trash Tattoo, which interestingly enough operates out of a 1959 qualicraft caravan trailer!

In keeping with fairness to the sexes, since I featured one of Yomee’s tattoos that all of my female friends loved, I suppose it is only right I feature Yomee’s self done tattoo that myself and all of my male friends seem to love.  To see that one though, you are going to have to keep on keeping on.


29 thoughts on “Pirate Booty

  1. I agree w/ ‘jessemoya’.
    These are so lovely, /jealousy has now kicked in n_n

  2. when i saw the first tatto..i was like “awwwwwwwwww”, couldn’t avoid the girly girl inside of me of loving it. the second one, loved it too..really simple and funny ^_^

  3. I love this funny spin on the stocking seam theme (which I was totally over pretty much immediately.)

  4. Yay Yomee! gorgeous lady from every angle, and a total sweetheart. Love her tattoos!

  5. I’m excited to say that I will be seeing that trailer full of win this coming week! Mimsy is one of the artists we are interviewing here in Brisbane. Keep an eye out for it when we post it in a few weeks!

  6. i must really be a man then, since i don’t like the leg pieces at akk and i get a kick out of the latter.. yeah that shopping threw me off too haha, but i like the actual tat.

  7. Awesome Yomee! I live in the same town as this girl!!! have seen this work 1st hand! great tattooing (my girl has ink form Mimsy, Bris folks love Mims!!)

    The red design on her right leg is flesh removal scarification by Anders Allinger (I believe), the design has been treated with red ink on the outline to show more… little raised effect the reason for the red ink!

  8. I’m not kidding, I saw this girl on a bus in Vancouver two days ago…and couldn’t stop staring at this tattoo because she was wearing a skirt!!

  9. I think I would like to sniff her tattoo….all of them and even in the most dark and moist areas.

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