Last weekend we had a guy come into our shop who was a true character. His name was Nico Joy and his performing nickname was N-Joy (not to be confused with the g-spot stimulating adult toys by the same name). He came in and inquired about getting a tattoo, a decent sized stomach rocker with his name and below it “aka N-Joy”. He ended up not getting anything, explaining that he usually gets his work done in DC and that it is way cheaper.

At one point he showed us this tattoo as a reference for what he could get for “80 bucks and a 5 dollar tip” in DC, and I think it sums it up well.


24 thoughts on “N-Joy!

  1. Haha, lucky guy he is.. I actually love it, that when it comes to tattoos, you do get what you pay for if you do the research first.

  2. his barber must be pretty cheap too. either that or he goes to michael j fox.

  3. the way the pound is going $85 isn’t sounding so cheap anymore…

  4. Holy crap, I live in DC and I had the EXACT same conversation with someone who came up to me on the street, asked about my tattoos, and then said he got his entire back piece for $80. It has become a running joke among friends–$80 must be a magic number here.

    On a serious note, I’m curious how people respond in situations like this. In my part of town, it seems kind of inevitable that folks ask “how much did you pay” (and be shocked at the answer). How do you explain “you get what you pay for” without being an ass? Do you just not answer the question?

  5. Could be this guy likes tatts that look like home jobs. I’m all for aesthetically pleasing, well rendered tattoos, but sometimes people don’t want their tattoos looking perfect. Or just don’t care. More power to them. Different strokes!

  6. Is this post basically making fun of this guy? If so, at least don’t use his name dude…not classy nor professional…

  7. When people ask how much my work costs, I usually just tell them I forgot so I don’t have to deal with their dropped jaws. Good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoos aren’t good.

  8. i don’t like that you were willing to put the guy’s name in the post but not have the guts to put the name of the shop that did it. if the “artist” thinks its so funny to give someone a bad tattoo just because they think they’re a douche then they should in the very least own up to it and let us decide how funny it is.

  9. so, what shop do you work for?
    remind me never to go there.
    im not a giant fan of public ridicule …

    its also refreshing to know that like safety, health
    and education, good tattoos are reserved for the rich.
    ~you guys are snarky assholes.

    seriously, i want to know what shop to avoid…

  10. agreed with #18…the community will continue to be one that seems difficult to approach.. i know i almost crapped my pants the first time i went into a shop because i felt like i would get shit.. 5 years later and alot of work and i still feel that way..and this kind of behavior doesn’t give the community a good name.. i thought modblog was supposed to be a place to learn, and discuss, not just bash because some people get their rocks off on it? seems like some here are just as bad as non-modified folks that stare at us for being modified….

  11. Why are people getting so upset?

    This guy boasted his supposed “Good sense” in saving money by settling for a sub-par quality tattoo. The point of the whole entry is to say the usual (and very true!) phrase of “Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good!” He came into Sean’s shop, apparently was given the estimate of the tattoo he wanted, and flat out told them he could get what he thought was better work for less money. They got a picture to back up the idea that cheap work is, in some cases, not the way to go.

    Also, good tattoos are NOT reserved for the “rich.” I am college student that makes $85 per month and I was still able to save up agonizingly slowly for my tattoo which turned out beautifully. It’s not our fault that this guy decided to pay so little for his hack job. You get what you pay for. Some harmless jabbing will hopefully deter people from being so hasty in their desire for ink.

  12. it is absolutely not true that good work costs more… “you get what you pay for…” The cost of a tattoo depends on many factors. The location, the business and shop policy, the skill of the artist, the artist’s position within the shop. I have amazing work all over my body done by the best tattoo artist in Boston (the owner of that shop charged three times what my tattoo artist charges and he produces much lower quality work, but he is the shop owner…). I moved back to my state and if I want anything even remotely comparable I have to pay more than double what I paid in Boston. But that depends on the shop. The most popular shop in town and does generally good quality work, but it is also the wealthiest shop with the most advertising and events, etc. People go there because they’ve heard of the shop but there are numerous shops in town that have cheaper real estate and have more skilled artists who charge WAY less for the work… when people go into those shops they think “you get what you pay for” and move along. Just saying that paying an arm and a leg does not mean you WILL get high quality work. Also my best tattoo was done for free by a friend (a great tattoo artist, but it was still free). The best way to choose an artist is to look at the portfolio, nuf said. If you find the right artist and the work costs too much for you, you can save or go to another shop and get something else that MAY be lesser quality work for a lower price.

    There’s nothing wrong with paying less for lower quality work. It is your body and you should be happy with what is on your body. There is no secret rule that says that you won’t make it to graceland if you have anything less than perfection inked on your skin. If someone is happy with their tattoo it doesn’t matter what a bunch of snobs on modblog say about it.

  13. i love that fact that people bitch about BME, but will always come back to it. bitch at someone who cant pierce for love nor money, (as im reading in the latest news post) but when it comes to tattoos, who hang on, people can cut corners with artwork, and save some money and get slightly worse artwork! dont argee with that.

    maybe its a case of alot of people have respect for their bodys, i know i only want good work done on me, regardless how much it costs, sure you can save money on tattoos, that are still good, but that dosnt always mean a $80 tattoo, will be top work.

    as for the people who desided to take a bitch fest at seans shop? just goes to show that people love a band wagon to jump on, or maybe it was all one person with very little to do?

    maybe im being mean, but i hate it when people want to pay as little as thay can for something that will be on your body for the rest of your life, lets say you spend $1000 on a tattoo, thats truly amazing? and lets say you got it at 18? and you live till your 80, thats ganna cost you like 0000.2c a day? (yeah ok im no maths wiz but im sure someone would work it out) i think thats a bargin.

    but if your happy to pay $30 for a coloured smuge that kinda looks like something, go ahead, your body.

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