About a boy

Well hello there! Many many thanks to Arseniy Andersson for this submission.   We’ve got some large stretched lobes, some nipple piercings, music tattoos, microdermals and implants, oh my!  Most importantly, we’ve got a beautiful boy sporting all of these things!


One more after the jump!


You can see more of this boy in my dreams in the BME galleries.

40 thoughts on “About a boy

  1. if you take your hand and cover from the chin down he looks 100% like a girl despite being obviously masculine from there down and an attractive masculine at that. Very interesting. I love androgynous people

  2. This guy’s look is amazing, and he’s very androgynous. I’m a huge fan of the gender queer movement, and this one would fit right in.

  3. fukk, rachel, (or anybody else) tell me, how could i change my name here?
    im not loki anymore >< more than one year.

    im arseniy amadelle andersson.

  4. before I scrolled down on the page, I did think it was a girl. he is a very pretty boy though. wish the implants were more prominent.

  5. Nexi – I’ve noticed that some of the most intriguing photos and interesting looking people seem to be submitting from Russia. Perhaps we should go there.

  6. whehe)
    welcome to our Saint-Petersburg Russian tattoo-convention, on June, 18th-21th
    my FB id is 1237384111

    i’ve sent email.

  7. Awww.. Notes tattoo like the ones of William (the music tattoo addict) from Irving’s book “Until I find you”:)

  8. Wow, I know this has already been said a ridiculous number of times, but he is so pretty. Like ridiculously gorgeous.

  9. Pretty like a young David Bowie!

    I would keep him in a plastic box just to look at him all day!

  10. Wow… just.. wow… <3 Great mods, great model, great photos.. Moar?

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