I don’t know if Marilyn’s mark was this high but…

….I sure find these high monroe piercings interesting. They are so high, they almost border on a “nick” piercing, except they are still (comparatively to the Nick piercings at least) horizontal piercings.


I am curious as to what effect these piercings would have on the gums as I can’t imagine there is anyway the backs are perpendicular to the pierced tissue, but without a picture of the inside of his mouth I am left to guess.

These were done by Sarita who works at Chrome In London.

20 thoughts on “I don’t know if Marilyn’s mark was this high but…

  1. sweet, I have wanted these for a long time… I too am wondering if all is fine and dandy with the gums situation

  2. I think its beautifull, but i would use smaller ones though. these are so, out there.

  3. Mine is that high up, I’ve had it for 8 years now and my gums are fine. No sign of recession or gum loss at all. I guess because there’s no lip of gum for the post to catch on and cause irritation, my dentist seems to agree with me on that.

  4. That looks like it would be super uncomfortable. Especially if you had a cold. It might not mess with the gums though since your gums recess up that high.

    Anyway I’m not diggin the look, it just looks like balls stuck to his face, but thats just me.

  5. Chapstick my friend, I’ve had numerous lip piercings and although I’ve retired them all, I never stopped using chapstick (lip balm). It’s a guy’s best friend 🙂

  6. I have these too, and they sucked to heal but ever since they’ve been healed i haven’t ever had a problem.

  7. please explain the exact direction of them (to the wearer) this is ridiculously cool to look at also WTF mate. to me they look like like one septum with two high monroe piercings placed at the side

  8. Please get this man some lip balm!

    I agree with trip… kinda looks like a septum piercing with the two high monroes next to is

  9. personally not a fan of the giant vertical labret jewelry. actually, I’m not a fan of any of it. could just be the super close up….I dunno.

  10. Aren’t these called “crayfish” or “crawfish” piercings? Essentially high placed monroes?

    I remember Swirly called them that…

  11. On the gums question- I’ll just say that NO piercings that lie against gums can be considered safe for it. Anything rubbing against can cause recession of the gum in the area, or of tooth tissue if rubbing against that. I’m a dentistry student… 🙂

  12. I wouldn’t see these as being uncomfortable, I have my upper frenulum (aka: Smiley) and I forget half the time it’s even there.

  13. aside from recession of the gums, i would think bone density loss could be a bigger problem. i have seen it from smileys and even ill placed tongue piercings.

  14. It was a nice surprise to see this entry lol. I invented the Nick piercing (Both the clients name and mine were both Nick) With the right anatomy upper palette work like in the picture can be surprisingly non-invasive.

  15. You didn’t invent it. That’s absurd. You were simply the first person to publicize it.

  16. Well, that is what I meant really.

    Although technically, everything we say was “invented” was “invented” by whoever publicized it first.

  17. Maybe chapstick is also taboo in London. I would have to agree that smaller jewelry might be more aesthetically pleasing. I’m curious to see how these suckers heal. Healing one piercing is one thing, healing three (and what looks like maybe 4) is way more fun.

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