Open up and say ahhh!

This tongue splitting photo was submitted by layylayy.  No other information was provided but I think this is one of the cooler tongue splitting photos I’ve seen!  I think it would make a neat poster too.


Visit the tongue splitting gallery for more like this.

21 thoughts on “Open up and say ahhh!

  1. I loooooove that photo!
    Love the colours, the how the focus is only at the tounge and the rest is in a blur.
    I want one!

  2. Kudos to you than Layylayy, that is definitely one of the coolest tongue split pictures I’ve ever found. How long have you had that?

  3. Beautiful tongue! By the way you linked to your edit screen on post 11.

  4. i got my tongue split last week..its amazing.. we do it in our shop, now that Elwood Reid is a guest in the shop he could help me split mine ;-)

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