Adventures in childbirth

This had been sitting in my inbox a while and somehow got overlooked. Anyhow, better late than never right? Congrats guys!

I wanted to submit some photos from a recent shoot that we did with customers of mine from  wanted to submit some photos from a recent shoot that we did with customers of mine from Tellierstudios in Waterloo, NY these are pics of myself (formerly: iam dtm) and my wife with our daughter Rowen lily .  On March 11th we actually delivered our son ourselves. We had planned on having an at home assisted delivery with our Midwife Meg, but our son had other plans. The time between the water breaking and his actually delivery was less than a minute and a half. Basically she pushed and I we made our call to 911 and I tied and cut the cord myself. A little later emts arrived and wanted us to go to the hospital , which was completely contrary to what we had planned. so we waited on the midwife to show. Our son Wyatt Danger Ross was born at about 11:30 at night with no complications and is healthy and doing fine. in waterloo ny these are pics of myself (iam dtm) and my wife (iam bribri) with our daughter Rowen lily .  On March 11th we actually delivered our son ourselves. We had planned on having an at home assisted delivery with our Midwife Meg, but our son had other plans. The time between the water breaking and his actually delivery was less than a minute and a half. Basically she pushed and i we made our call to 911 and I tied and cut the cord myself. A little later emts arrived and wanted us to go to the hospital , which was completely contrary to what we had planned. so we waited on the midwife to show. Our son Wyatt Danger Ross was born at about 11:30 at night with no complications and is healthy and doing fine.
For some more current pics of the family check out Bri Bri’s page. For 2 more shots from this set, keep on keeping on.

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  1. a lovely story 🙂 however editing the interview to avoid needless repetition should have been undertaken 😉

    gratz to the both of them though 🙂

  2. Hey, this is so fucking cool; I just found out I’m gonna be a dad this morning, and here this is. It’s an omen.

  3. They have their daughter wrapped in a keffiyeh and their son’s middle name is Danger. Silly hipsters.

  4. I have to take this opportunity to comment on the subject. I read this blog out of interest for what people choose to do to themselves and I feel they should have every right to do so…. but delivering a child at home on purpose is just dangerous. You and your wife and not prepared for any type of emergency and I dare say in my experience neither is a midwife that would condone a home delivery. I am glad your son was born without complication… you should thank your lucky stars not brag about it.

  5. gee r.s., and to think we ever got along for centuries without going to the hospital to have kids! hell, were spoiled. go to some countries and the nearest hospitals can be a 30 minute flight by heli away! if youre lucky.

    people like them usually do research into what theyre doing. maybe you should consider doing the same into your comments?

    and congrats guys. hipsters or not, ya’ll rock. hell, my middle name is Nobody. its great on occasion…

    officer: who are you?
    me: nobody

    bf: who were you with last night?!
    girl: nobody…. 😉

  6. r.s., there are many, many women who choose to have home deliveries. there are MANY benefits. my sister was born at home and there is no way i’m delivering a baby in a hospital unless circumstances require it. to say that a midwife is not prepared for complications is completely ridiculous. do some research.

  7. @10

    Its always interesting to see comments like yours where people say “we got along fine before,” as if the mortality rates were not significantly higher in the past. I’m also a little confused why you bring up countries with hospitals so far away where so many children die because of that fact. These countries arent exactly doing swell without hospitals to properly deliver children.

    That being said, congrats to the parents. They look like an incredibly happy family 🙂

  8. @ r.s.: haha, you’ve got to be kidding. In The Netherlands a home delivery is default. You only get to deliver in hospital when there are medical complications (known beforehand or occuring during birth) or if you pay extra. Our standard health insurance doesn’t cover a hospital birth. Why? Because it’s unnecessary if you and your baby are in good health.
    And sometimes the midwife can’t make it in time; so people have to do it themselves. You can’t keep the baby in, can you? One of my colleagues had to deliver his son by himself, because the midwife couldn’t make it. Everything went fine. People have been doing this for centuries. Moreover, you jump to the wrong conclusions. The text clearly says they didn’t choose to do it themselves, their son just came. Read!

  9. Further to what people have been pointing out about home births, hospitals are places where they treat sick people. Having a baby in a clean, prepared space at home arguably exposes the baby to fewer potential health risks than being born in a hospital. Yes, an emergency situation could potentially pose significant problems but it’s at best a trade-off, rather than a cut and dried case of hospitals being definitively safer.

  10. What a beautiful family, congratulations! And kudos for the home birth! Fuck what R.S. said, people have been giving birth at home (or in rice fields/mud huts/deserts/igloos, etc.) for thousands of years, and as Sam said, hospitals are for sick people!

  11. That’s a nice story and one beautiful family!

    However, the “people have been giving birth at home for thousands of years”-argument is weak. Infant mortality still was extremely high just a century ago (and still is in underdeveloped countries). And one of the main causes for women to die was (respectively is) childbirth. That fact shouldn’t be underestimated.

  12. They frown on eating the afterbirth at most hospitals, so home birth it is for me and my lady.

  13. But seriously, if we didnt have to go to the hospital to make the baby, we’re not going to the hospital to deliver the baby- end of story. For all you naysayers, check out Ida May’s guide to childbirth and actually talk to a midwife (not a nurse midwife. not the same thing.)

  14. My pregnancies were both healthy, had I not been in a hospital though both of my children would have died. I would never make the choice to have a third child at home. What everyone else does is their business. For me it’s too risky to not have all the possible medical needs at my disposal to save my child’s life.

    As for delivering your own baby, even if this couple would have chose to have their baby in the hospital, chances are they wouldn’t have made it there, with how fast the baby came.

    Congrats on the baby. That is quite the belly.

  15. very pretty pics, Thats young lady is HEAVILY pregnant, its not a competition but if it was she just might win.

  16. What the haters meant was “Congrats on a healthy, happy experience!” They just can’t spell properly. Grats!

  17. How far apart were the shoot and the delivery of Wyatt? She’s carrying so low in the first shot! Wow.

    Congratulations on the healthy baby and what a beautiful girl Rowen is.

  18. To every one out there that is completely against homebirth or delivery of your child without the assistance of a medical doctor I say “Feck you!” . That was our choice and we made it, and not lightly let me tell you.Our daughter was born in a hospital with no complications, and the idea of a home delivery still scared me due to the fact that my son born with an ex had complications during a home birth. So my major argument was “what if, What if, what if?”
    After lots of reading up on the subject and going to the midwives clinic I came to my own informed decision, and yes i said clinic not Barn, or shack, or whatever you have in your head that a midwife works out of. They are trained and licensed professionals with their own medical degrees specializing in child birth and delivery. Your right they are not a Doctor who practices emergency surgery and sickness diagnosis. They do what they do and they are damn good at it, even though in our case she didnt make it there before the delivery.
    Whos to say we didn’t take the necessary precautions and preparatory steps that needed to be done to be ready for a child birth. Did I say anywhere that we were sitting around drinking and completely unaware that she was going to have a baby.. No I didnt, so for you to make those assumptions is just proving your ignorance.. This was a life we were bringing into the world we were as prepared as we could be.
    .For a quick update our son is doing just fine and so is our daughter. We just took them both in for there well being checkups at the same clinic the midwives occupy to see our family health practitioner, and both are completely within normal parameters for their ages and weight. Neither have been sick any more than the average children their age, and to top it off.. Ohh this ought to get a cpl of your panties in a bunch.. Neither of them have been inoculated for any of recommended vaccinations that children of there age should get according to the money making business that is your local pharmaceutical and medical establishment that you call the hospital or doctors office..
    Oh and for the hipster comment.. maybe we can name our next kid Shawn, or Mark , or Jennifer. Would that suit your tastes.. Its a feckin middle name, Have fun with it. Whens the next time your gonna get to name something? What when you buy a boat?

  19. I had my daughter vaginally with *gasp* no drugs and *shock* no assistance in a hospital 16 weeks ago and regret it – I didn’t need to be there, I wasn’t sick, I was bringing life into the world! Do some research, get your facts straight.

    Oh, my kid is cloth diapered and exclusively breastfed too. Haters got anything to say about that?

  20. The United States has the 3rd highest infant mortality rate in the world. They also have the most medical intervention. Having a hospital birth is not always the best choice for everyone. They shared their story. It’s not anyone else’s life and not there for anyone to judge. It is what it is. The scarf the little girl is wearing was a gift i bought for Dan, it didn’t fit him so they just put it on her. It is not a “keffiyeh” nor are they “silly hipsters”. If anyone doesn’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

  21. I love reading forums, it is amazing what people have to say when they sit in front of a computer and don’t have to actually have contact with people when they say what they think. That being said… the point of this story was to CELEBRATE the birth of a beautiful baby boy to an incredible family! The energy of your family is so amazing! I can only hope that when Pat and I finally decide to have a child, we have as wonderful and intimate of an experience as what you had. I hope that the rest of the comments on this story go in a positive direction, it is truly a BEAUTIFUL story! PS – that one of Brit on the blue wall is my favorite! I love how both of those sessions turned out, and we will be using quite a few of them on the new website! Love, Jen Tellier (in case anyone wants to know who is behind this message)…

  22. I’m not sure why anyone would say that planning a homebirth is irresponsible. What’s irresponsible about being prepared? With 99% of births in the US occurring hospitals & the US spending the most $ on maternity care than any other country but we still have the worst maternal & perinatal outcomes out of ALL industrialized countries, why the heck would it be irresponsible to want a safer, more normal birth?

    Obviously by the sounds of it, if they had been planning a hospital birth they wouldn’t have made it in time anyways. Would it have been safer for them to be giving birth in a car on the side of a highway possibly without a phone, without proper lighting if necessary, and no room to move around? Babies have their own plans, & a family planning a homebirth is generally more prepared for a precipitous birth than a family planning a hospital birth.

    I work in the birth field, & I’ve have had hospital births then a homebirth myself. After I did my research I knew that for me & my family, it was too risky to avoidably accept the risks that come just from stepping foot into a hospital, & I was determined to do whatever I needed to do no matter how difficult it was to give my child the best chance at a normal, safe start at life. I could sit here & argue safety & facts all night. . . but I don’t have the time or patience right now. Enjoy the amazing pictures, & keep the ignorant comments to yourself. This is a beautiful family who handled their birth amazingly.

  23. Amazing guys!

    Many thanks to Bri Bri, Dtm, our friend Lauren and many others for taking the time to educate people in our area about Homebirths and the truth about their safety ratings and negative policies of hospitals etc…

    btw can’t wait to meet Wyatt!

  24. The beauty that comes with being pregnant., woman are more beautiful while pregnant. I love the photos taken. You all have such a beautiful family and i am proud to be your friend and hope to get to know you guys better in the future.

  25. to all of the rude ignorant people out there: these people don’t do ANYTHING without first finding out everything they can. they did not make their descision lightly nor do they do it to piss anyone off, a home birth is what they wanted, what worked for them. they don’t tell you how to bring your children into the world or how to raise them, so i agree with dan, feck off. dan, you have a beautiful family

  26. One of the things that keeps getting brought up is that infant mortality rates were higher in the past- this is actually a misconception. Infant and maternal mortality rates actually skyrocketed once birth was switched from homes to hospitals due to infections that were spread BY the doctors and nurses. With the growing population and the establishment of medical schools there was a horde of “birth professionals” graduating and needing patients- but how were they to get patients if midwives had them all? I know! Let’s start a smear campaign with our mass of money! Because midwives, despite their large base of knowledge about birth, were largely uneducated middle/ lower class women.

    And as it was stated previously, America has the now SECOND HIGHEST INFANT MORTALITY RATE IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD. Nigeria ( which is apparently considered developed) has a better birth rate than us! The undeveloped countries have poor birth records due to infections, which has more to do with the poor living conditions all around, not lack of c-sections.

    I am glad that hospitals are available for true emergencies. Sometimes medical technology is needed for everyone to survive. But this is actually a rarity. And we do ourselves a great disservice by thinking that we have to be “all or nothing” in favor of either technology or natural.

    I am a 23 year old woman, who had a healthy pregnancy, was low risk, and I had my baby at home. (Yes, thats me in the pictures).

    For a women who is more likely to have complications, or whom is not comfortable with being at home- absolutely don’t do it. But you’re not irresponsible if you choose to bring your child into the world in your own calm, comfortable environment. Statistics show that births at home go more smoothly and more quickly than those in hospitals, resulting in babies with better APGAR scores and better respiratory function. Breastfeeding has been shown to get off to a better start also.

    Thank you to all for the kinds words! 🙂

  27. It is sad to sit here and have to watch people “unload” their ignorance on good people .Dan and Brit are great parents and have done everything in the best interest of their children! It is NO ONE”s right to judge them as parents or as people. They are not “hipsters” who have no regard for their childrens health. There weren’t always hospitals to run to many children have been born in their own homes for centuries and yet they live. I could go on and on about how great theese two people are but I dont need to their friends already know that. As for the individules that want to vomit hatefull remarks and mean accusations find a hobby ,maybe look at how imperfect your lives are and how you are spewing hatred beacuse you are to ignorant to know better. I know my grammer isn’t wonderful but i am a friend and a true friend is better than a grammar expert!

  28. Beautiful family.

    As for home births — well, I was born at home twenty-odd years ago with a midwife attending, and there were no complications or issues, aside from my being two weeks late. Personally, I’d much rather have a home delivery than one in a hospital, unless there are any complicating factors that make a hospital necessary… especially given how much hospital doctors love unnecessary drugs and C-sections.

  29. QUOTE: “Ohh this ought to get a cpl of your panties in a bunch.. Neither of them have been inoculated for any of recommended vaccinations that children of there age should get according to the money making business that is your local pharmaceutical and medical establishment that you call the hospital or doctors office..”

    It doesn’t get my panties in a bunch, cause me and my kid live on the other side of the world from you….. and for that I am glad… freaking hippies and their germy kids running around schools these days…..

  30. I think home births are great if the mother and baby are healthy and have had good advice and access to emergency services if needed. As someone else pointed out, they’re common in some other developed countries.

    BUT I would like to point out that the situation with vaccinations is different. The shape of the human female pelvis and newborn babies’ heads has not changed in the last several thousand years. What HAS changed is that people live in enormously denser clusters and fly around the globe in airplanes, which gives pathogenic viruses and bacteria many more opportunities to spread. Unless you are subsistence farmers who live in voluntary isolation from the rest of civilisation, please get your kids vaccinated.

  31. I love the way people can sit and judge the shit out of others while hiding behind an anon name..

  32. freekin hippies and their germy kids! how dare you insinuate that they are germy kids oh i would love to rattle your cage but that would make you even more ignorant than you are and it is damn obvious that germs arent the only thing that are spreading apparently you have been spreading ignorance aplenty in your village you have no right to condemn them for the way they raise their children and may god bless the offspring that comes from you

  33. lol nickie. don’t any of you god-botherers have a sense of humour?
    I ‘insinuate that they are germy kids’ because uber cool parents think they are raging against the machine and sticking it to the man by not feeding the money hungry pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccinations for children… all they are doing is subjecting their kids (and future generations) to diseases that are otherwise preventable…. who’s the dumb one then?
    call me ignorant nicki, but i’m not the one asking an invisible sky daddy to ‘bless’ people… and my kid doesn’t have and never will have F**KING POLIO….

  34. well i proved my case you dont approve of any belief other than your own .. you do you and we will do what we have to …. i just don’t get how pumping children full of vaccines that may or may not work is a good thing. and as far as sky daddy goes i dont go to church but i believe in karma have seen it work first had there is a higher power and those are my beliefs… it is natural for us to do what we think is best for our children you seem like a hatefull angry person i wish you happiness and peace god bless

  35. I frankly could care less for his attempt at attention and wish dtm the worst.

  36. hahahaha.. luis.. how goes it.. you fuck anybody new over and have to move out of state again due to restraining orders… so petty you are…

  37. LOL where do you even get this shit?? Nah just getting bitches pregnant over and over; getting loans to open up shitty tattoo shops to put out shitty art and asking BME to modblog my babies for attention. What a great life to lead.

    You really expect me not to be bitter when it takes your ass a year to get your shit together and finally open a shop to only have me help you then screw me over… Petty really? Pot calling the kettle black

  38. you helped me to open? you came here one day and painted 2 coats on a wall…lol
    and getting bitches pregnant.. Thats my wife you twit… shitty tattoo shop? wow… I could of sworn youwere the one calling me to work here.. but whatever.. Your the one who has me blocked from all of your pages so i cant even send you a message… And then you come on here and make this public…
    yeah Id say thats petty..
    and btw Lanise is still dealing with all of the drama that you started in her life…
    Have fun old friend. I wish you nothing but the best in your adventures

  39. I’m going to come out and say it… I’d like to have a birth at home. I don’t like hospitals one bit. Why should we bring life into the world… in four sterile, cold walls… that is not a calming environment. If my child has any sort of complication that would require a hospital, then by all means I will deliver there. My mother had to have a c-section, her body was far too weak because of a stroke she had a few years prior. There is NOTHING wrong with having a child at home. In fact, I believe it is a better place for the child to see.

    As for me… I haven’t had my shots since I was born… and, wait for it. I’M DAMN FINE. I (wait wait wait) stepped on a rusty nail when I was ten…went a good half an inch through my foot. Pulled it out and went on my way… and (omg wait again)… I’m still here… with both feet just as normal as the minute before the puncture. Not only that, but you can get the flu one day and die from it. Vaccination from it can only go so far. If I am meant to get sick then I will. I take care of my body through good eating and being clean, not begging the doctors to pump me full of more medications. Put that in your stupid pipe and smoke it. Just don’t choke on the common sense 😉

    Congratulations to the happy parents by the way. I hope you enjoy many blessed years with your wonderful children. I feel sorry for the children of the psychotic, doctor loving nuts that feel that blowing the western medicine industry is the way to go.

    As for the fight you two are having… really. It’s getting obvious that there’s a child in the mix and it isn’t the one that was just born.

  40. distortedsmiles, i’ve seen your work. you’re so inferior to numerous amateurs that I know. You’d be fortunate to have a job with anyone. why must you hold such a grudge on this guy? so what? he didn’t give you a job. get over it! people get turned down for jobs all the time. you don’t need to call someone out for it in public. how childish?

    (congrats on the new addition by the way dtm)

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