Say, don’t I know you?

This photo was submitted to BME by IndecisiveWeirdo out of Sydney. She reminds me of an actress but I can’t quite figure out who and it’s driving me crazy. Fortunately, I don’t have far to go to get there!

Over the weekend I’ve added about 600 new photos to the BME galleries and 50+ videos. Go check them out! Remember, you can sign up for a profile that will allow you to view even more photos for free.

38 thoughts on “Say, don’t I know you?

  1. she reminds me of the women who played the main part in spider man 1 i dono about the other never watched them =]

  2. This photographer also took Miss Kas’s third photo in the may eighth BME girls calendar post. *which happened to be one of my favorite photo’s I’ve seem on ModBlog. 🙂
    Kudos to the photographer as well as the beautiful modified women.

  3. I’ve started a whole “which actress does she remind you of” thing! I hope she doesn’t mind. She does sort of remind me of a young Jennifer Jason Leigh but whoever it is I’m thinking of, it’s a current young actress. I’ll probably think of it, a month from now, at 3am! 😉

    I really like this photo and she is definitely a very pretty girl.

  4. Would anyone be able to tell me how to add/send photos to BME for the gallaries? I’ve tried and tried again to figure out the new site, but can’t… :/

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