….and this little piggy had none

Before you ask, no, I don’t know who Ben Compton is. Nor do I know where this little piggy went, or if it went voluntarily or accidentally. I do however know that this is my new favorite amputation related tattoo.


PS: Yes, the (unrelated) amputee interview is coming, I had a program crash and had to start back at square one, but it is underway!

14 thoughts on “….and this little piggy had none

  1. I have seen a similar one with the big toe missing that says, “Gone to market. Love, Pig.” Both are pretty awesome tattoos for sure.

  2. hah! i’m missing the 3rd toe of my left foot after a pickup t-boned my motorbike, i was already thinking about getting a small picket sign saying something like ‘down with beef’ as i don’t eat meat…very cool :-D

  3. Seems as though the only relevant Ben Compton is a lawyer who specialises in corporate manslaughter, health and safety at work, commercial crime and personal injury. Quite possibly this person lost their toe due to a workplace accident? Either way the humour is just not there, at all. Fan of the tattoo though.

  4. Presumably this little piggy went wee weee weeeeee all the way home… Very cool way to do it :)

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