Ah bliss!

The look on silentstingray’s face says it all doesn’t it?  That’s a 3 inch plug made of olive wood.  I’m not up on my woods so I don’t know how heavy it is but that’s got to have some weight to it!  And you know what they say, every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man!

32 thoughts on “Ah bliss!

  1. Yes definitely hot! I think olive wood is quite light but i could be mistaken.

  2. Yeahhhh, tissue receiving insufficient blood flow & turning white and purple is pretty much the exact opposite of what I find sexy. Really modblog? I can’t believe some of the unhealthy, fucked up lobes & piercings you’ve been pushing lately. I give up on you guys.

  3. Please excuse my ignorance, but how do you correct circulation problems in stretched lobes? Just by downsizing?

  4. To me it looks like his lobes are incredibly thick for being 3″. Sure the blood flow doesn’t look perfect, but that can be really dependent on temperature. Maybe he just got inside from the cold? It doesn’t look like this photographs is meant to be perfect, I’ll take imperfect possibly-temporarily low circulation lobes combined with that smile any day.

  5. SplatterHosue, that was way too harsh.
    Sure, he could’ve taken a bit better care of his lobes, but the purple hue may simply be a result of the weight of his plugs.
    Personally, I think this is a great photo.
    It made me smile when I saw it, even when I noticed the discoloration.
    Good post, in my opinion.

  6. If your plugs are making your ears turn purple, it’s pretty obvious they should come out. That is not what healthy tissue looks like. Period. And why modblog is encouraging that, I don’t understand.

  7. I didn’t notice the colour of his lobes at all but given that his ears are red, in general and his face looks quite pink it’s quite probable he just came in from outside.

    Also, not that I think there’s anything wrong with this photo but I have to wonder how long some people have been reading ModBlog. ModBlog has always documented both the good and the bad. I have no idea where I supposedly encouraged anything. Nothing I post is to encourage anyone to do anything. Nor is it to discourage. It is to display and showcase. I like it when people think for themselves.

    Either way, I liked his smile. He looks happy. Happy modded people make me happy too.

  8. I’m with Jen on this. She didn’t say “HEY KIDS LOOK AT THIS GUY YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE HIM K?” She posted a picture and commented on the jewelry. That’s all.

  9. Not a fan of enormous ears, but I love the way his throat tattoos blend into a beard.

  10. I always giggle about the fact that most of this dudes photos on his IAM page are on his “good side”…with the big 3″ lobe. His other lobe is split, heh.

    Not raggin on him…just sayin, its kinda funny. 😉

  11. Yea, purple lobes that are dying are sexy.

    Modblog, wtf? This is not promoting healthy ears. Stop that.

  12. Have to say that right after I was swooned by the size of the jewelry, the first thing I noticed was the color of the lobes. Funny how mentioning this gets people stirred up. Aren’t we supposed to be here to comment on what is posted?

  13. soo I see a lot of talk about why my earlobe looks purple, and the reason being, was due to the cold weather outside that day 🙂

  14. I always wear hoodies when the weather gets cold enough to chill my lobes. (not often in fl). Honestly though I’d take some of the effort out of stretching out that right lobe, and maybe put some effort into reconstructing that left ear “OOPS”…. I’ll call it an oops… Yeesh….

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