Smile pretty for the camera

Check out this awesome tattoo by Rain Partlow out of Under the Needle in Seattle, WA! All of my tattoo work is done in black and grey but I’ve always admired really vivid colours in tattoos and this one in particular is extremely eye catching. The shading in particular really stands out. I bet the wearer of this one turns a few heads!


Some BME news follows the jump.

I just wanted to post a brief update to let everyone know that I’ve added over 600 new images to BME over the weekend. That’s in addition to the 100-200 that have been added daily. So far today I’ve added another 30 or so and 14 new videos, mainly from the Dallas Suspension Convention. BME is giving away more free content than ever before, all you need to do is sign up for a free profile. You will have access to between 45-100 photos per gallery in each of the following galleries, Piercing, Tattoos, Scarification, Culture and Ritual. With updates happening just about every day, that’s a lot of free content!

I also want to say how much we appreciate both the constructive criticism (key word being constructive) we’ve received as well as all the positive feedback. Often times you only hear the complaints so I just want to take a minute and say a huge thank you to all of the people who have written in lately to say how much they love the new site. We’ve made several changes based on user feedback so don’t ever think you’ll be ignored; as long as you have something constructive to say, our ears are open.

Before I run off to have lunch and go about my day I wanted to mention a couple of things. The first is that I’ve heard that a few people are having trouble uploading photos. I’d never know it by the massive amount of new photo submissions we get daily but apparently it’s been an issue for some. If you’re one of those people, you may simply need to update your flash player to the latest version. It’s quick, easy and free (and recommended not just for our site). If you’re running Windows and using Internet Explorer, make sure you grab the update for that browser as well as any other browser you may use.

Also, I’ve created a FAQ that should help new users and answer some questions about the site. I’ll add more to it as I see a need but for now I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about it.

That’s all folks!

18 thoughts on “Smile pretty for the camera

  1. You spell “Colour” like a canadian. YEAH CANADA.

    Also; that tattoo is beautiful. I can only imagine the amount of time & money that was devoted to that piece of art.

  2. Yay Canadians!

    Whereabouts in Canada? Most people where I live are dead-set against any kind of body mod. Even simple lobe piercings…

  3. @ Vick von Engel

    LOL. Modblog isn’t facebook 😐

    If it were I don’t think I’d spend half as much time on here as I do..

  4. Very true. But that’s what facebooks for.

    BME and Facebook are two completely different monsters…

    Though both do have advantages.

    Through Facebook I have advertised my piercings and I’ve had alot more vict-customers in recent weeks since I started advertising on facebook.

  5. HatchetDan – New Brunswick, you?

    BME has a page on Facebook and you can follow ModBlog on Facebook through the Networked Blogs thing if you feel like it.

  6. From the FAQ: ‘This is the category you choose when you look at all of the other categories, look at the tattoo of a loaf of bread on your forearm and say to yourself, “Gosh, why do I have a tattoo of bread? More importantly, what category should I choose? There’s no bread tattoo section!”’

    Excellent advice that made me cry with laughter :’D I can relate.

  7. Lol, yeah… That is funny… Kinda made me wanna get a loaf of bread tattoo on my ass though…

  8. @ cash, just what i was going to point out. Until now, i had no idea that canadian’s spelt it the same way

  9. Americans spell colour as ‘color’ and since Canada is mostly British influence, most of us spell colour as ‘colour’. Though some Canadians spell colour as color too. I’m Canadian and I spell it both color and colour, depending on what one comes to mind first :).

    The colours of the tattoo are amazing!

    And Jen, I really love the work that you have been doing on this site and hope you continue on :).

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