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As an “old fart” by the piercing industries standard, I have a high appreciation for things in the modern history of body modification.  In talking with lots of young piercers and modification fans I am often shock and saddened by their total lack of knowledge (and to some degree lack of caring) about  where this community came from. This is why I try and do From The Vault features to show readers some of what happened pre-modblog.

Anyhow, I used to post these trivias on my iam page, with random prizes and I thought it would be fun to post them here occasionally as well.  I don’t have much in the way of a prize to offer, but whomever gets all the answers in first (or in the event no one gets them all right whoever gets the most correct this weekend) can either have a feature on themselves, or an artist or friend of their choice on modblog.

For the questions, keep on keeping on.

-What does Muzak (the generic elevator music company) have to do with body piercing?

-What modern body modifier first made a name for himself by wholesaling CBR’s for under 4 bucks when Gauntlet was still charging around 20?

-What is Fakir Musafar’s birth name?

-What does PFIQ stand for?

-Name at least one of Erik Sprague’s aliases besides “The lizardman”.

-What does “TSD” stand for ?

-What was Todd Bertrang formally arrested for?

-What is a RABbit?

-Who’s collection of photos, were the basis of the Shawn Porter Collection?

-Who was the primary photographer of the BME trading cards and the Modcon books?

-What bodmod artist worked with Dee Snyder to design the piercings seen in the movie “Strangeland”?

-What was BME’s original url?

Bonus Question:

In the acronym DFWC, which stands for ‘Don’t Fuck With Chuck”, who is Chuck?

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28 thoughts on “BME Trivia

  1. i admit i dont know about most, i know a few of them. as for the todd thing…. that shit still pisses me off. every time i think about it, i end up fairly pissed and disappointed that im an american

  2. i knew a few of the acronyms, the todd betrang thing, and a few others. but i had to do some searching for the rest.
    but i didint answer like two questions. i know i know the second question, but i just couldnt remember it.
    this was fun though, learned a few things

  3. Sean,
    you personally taught me all of this.
    Im not listing the answers out of fear of Sean and his powers via modblog.

  4. Wow, and I thought these were pretty easy…
    Which means I shouldn’t be playing I guess

  5. So I know a few of these, but I’m still pretty new to this whole game, but these are the types of things I want to learn! I don’t wanna get into body modification because it’s “easy”. I want to it to be a part of my life and I wanna learn all I can about it and where it came from, and who worked to make it what it is today.

  6. can I add a question?

    “When was BME worth a shit?” Answer: Before Shannon left.

  7. that was indeed too easy. The only one I didn’t know I was too lazy to research – and I would not classify myself as competent and knowledgeable in this field at all…

  8. 16.

    i have to agree, even that if you know how to answer this questions doesnt mean nothing about your body modification knowledge that can be really deep but in others subjects that our friend didnt mention.

    sorry for the bad english, but i really miss modblog been an important part of my life…

  9. What the fuck is a SPC…and who is PFIQ?!?!

    and anyone who’s been to the Dallas SusCon would have been privileged to a lengthy explanation regarding the DFWC.

  10. I’m glad I know the answers to at least some of these, and I was a RABbit once upon a time :)

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