The amazing vanishing scarification!

Almost 2 years ago Modblog made this post about my friend Robin’s scarification piece that was done for her at Scarwars.  It was a well done piece by a respected artist, yet now (almost 3 years after it was originally done) it has all but vanished.


Robin, sent me these pics and asked if I would be interested in posting them here. Of course i was interested. This is an important thing for people to see. Robin (like myself) is not prone to scarring heavily and even the best work, and most diligent aftercare isn’t enough to guarantee the raised and highly visible scar that was desired. I post this not to discourage people from getting scarification work done, but to educate them of the realistic possibilities it will not end up as bold as intended.

For two more shots, keep on keeping on.



46 thoughts on “The amazing vanishing scarification!

  1. that’s the way I scar too… I wish I could get scarification work but it may just not be worth it :c
    Although the kind of ghostly scar is sort of neat.

  2. i’m really up for getting a scarification piece, but from my limited experience of accidental scarring so far, it seems like this is what would happen to me. who knows, i’ll probably end up getting it anyway, like Vombie said, the ghostly scar looks pretty good.

  3. That’s why i’m hesitant. I do have some pretty visible scars just from small injuries, but i’m still not sure.. Thanks for the post, i’d really like to see more old scarification pieces.

  4. I don’t really see this as a negative – just another interesting facet of the process. It’s too bad for her, as she clearly wanted it to remain a bold piece, but I find the fading very interesting. It is still quite visible, just not as in-your-face. I think this is quite a cool post and don’t see why it should put anyone off scarification!

  5. It may not be off putting for everyone, but for someone who wants to get a scarification, thinking that all scarifications turn out bold and noticeable, it is good for them to know it just doesn’t always happen.

  6. I’d love to see a picture of this taken just after the procedure for comparison.

  7. i had a skin removal piece done and same thing happened to me. i have noticed that i scar a lot better with branding then scarification. it’s just how i heal and i am happy with that.

  8. that’s really too bad. i still have the little white boxcutter scars from when i was a careless 16 year old stock boy — they turn purple when i tan. i’m sure if i got scarred it wouldn’t fade like this. interesting how bodies differ that way.

  9. I have several dragonfly scars on my legs, two on my thighs and one on my lower leg in the same position as this. The one on my leg has scarred exactly the same as this and the ones on my thighs, while still white and not raised, are quite pronounced. I think it came from the level of friction that the healing scars recieved. The ones on my thighs had tight jeans and pants to contend with all day, where as my lower leg escaped that friction. That’s just how it is with scars, you never know how they will heal! Prominant or not, I love them anyway.

  10. mine did the same thing the sacr was very light so i ended up covering it with a tattoo, the bonus point for me was the fact that after the ink was layed the scars created what looked like veins under the skin of the kracken i chose to cover it so im totally happy with it

  11. Being quite Scandinavian I don’t think my body scars very well. Mine usually fade into something light and not very raised. I’d love to get a skin removal procedure done but I’m not sure if it will be very visible.

  12. I agree with #13. In fact, I would be more likely to get scarification done if I knew it would end up so subtle.

    ok, maybe slightly more.

  13. Yup, I don’t scar nicely (or at all, really, in the long run) either. Found that out the hard way, and it’s really important that people know that not everybody does. Definitely experiment a little before you try to get a major piece done – you’ll save yourself a lot of pain in more ways than one.

    And #6: I’m not one for internet colloquialisms, but…I LOL’d.

  14. #8: I am dumb, there is a link to a post with pictures of it when it was fresh. My lapse in attention paying skills aside – this post makes me more interested in scarification than I have been before, I wonder what type of scar-er I am.

  15. @jesa there is a link at the very beginning of the post to a photo of it fresh.

  16. I have scarification pieces on both of my legs, done two years apart. One five years old and one three years old, I will have to take a picture of them soon. Mine are not quite as visible as they once were either. Although I have a scar on my chest from something else that is still raised and noticeable from years ago.

  17. I have the same type of skin, even down to the little bumps. It’s called keratosis pilaris, and is caused by excess keratin. I also don’t scar very prominently. I wonder if the KP has anything to do with it?

  18. That totally sucks, all that pain (I’d imagine) for nothing

    I think people need to know how they scar, before they decide to go get some huge scarification, especially if they really want it to be highly visible.

  19. i can see it. liberty bell and knucks. i’m white and have tons of peeling on my face and other places and it all does this unless it’s in a high movement area. scarification+white people=??? this may sound ignorant, but i’ve heard tell of forcing hypertrophic scarring by inducing infection post procedure. this can cause serious blowouts or worse however. whatever. that piece is beautiful in my book, you get what you get.

  20. So many different aspects come into the healing.
    the individual’s genetics, the cutting, the aftercare etc
    Ive had two fairly large pieces (chest both sides, and stomach/ribs left), both by flesh removal.
    both are not yet a year old, and holy shit they are raising like mad!!
    Im stoked! i love them.. the thicker the better!!

    placement has played a part with the raising on my scars, my chest is overtaking parts of my side piece. Which is 5 months older.
    The healing process has been amazing for me! i will continue getting scarred!

  21. i did 2 scarifications.. one on each leg.. with a g clef..

    both of em faded to skin color.. after about 4 5 years.. re done one of em with branding instead and that one is starting to fade a bit aswell .. seems like because of my work i allways got wounds and marks.. somy body is allways healing . therefore it heals the scars to good aswell.. :/

  22. yknow, im really jealous. i hyperpigment scar, so that means any kind of damage to my skin, even if its a small scratch, leaves a darkened mark that doesnt fade. to see a scar that deep almost fully disappear is amazing.

  23. Mine has faded in a similar way, but I find myself liking it more. Scars are so unique because they heal and move based entirely on your body.

  24. I think its really cool that way, so long as it stays that way and doesnt completely fade out.

  25. My scarifications, only about a year old, are also already fading.

    One of the things I love about my scars though, is their constant evolution. Unlike a tattoo, the healing is a large part of the appeal, at least to me.

  26. I have two skin removal pieces on both legs and six years after is kinda vanished but i like how it looks. The skin removal on my arm still pretty visible after seven years

  27. I guess it isn’t for nothing, but it’s still a bummer. I mean I like how scars change and fade overtime but I’d be disappointed if a big piece like that faded to that extent.

  28. Since ive gotten psoriasis i haven’t gotten any scars except from sutures and piercings. I’m not sure the exact reason but the gene that causes psoriasis greatly reduces scarring, and 1 out of every 10 people have that gene.

  29. I had a scar piece done on my calf, all single-line, no removal. It healed up very subtly by design (I didn’t aggitate, pick, or otherwise mess with the wounds) and I really like it that way. I guess it’s what you’re going for, I suppose.

  30. I don’t like the last sentence in my previous post, so allow me to revise it.

    *It’s all about what you’re going for, I suppose.*

  31. I’ve always wondered about this, glad you posted it. I don’t scar easily and the times i’ve thought I would have pretty brutal scars are all faded now. I don’t think that mine would last either, sadly :(

  32. Shame that it’s faded so much… I know when I was considering getting a scarification piece (before I realized that I liked the look of the red more than the healed scar), I was going to have it shaded with tattoo ink so the cut lines would be really defined.

    I still think it looks pretty neat, though :)

  33. yup, me too,same, covered them with tattoos now, least i can see that, lol !

  34. It is a shame since she wanted it nice and bold, but I think the ghostlike scar it left behind is really quite interesting and pretty, so all is not lost!

  35. Ha. This looks like what I was shooting for with my scarification…instead, I got bold raised stuff. You get what you get, indeed :)

    Nice post in terms of showing the different effects procedures can have.

  36. My body scars like that too, maybe it’s because I’m so freaking white!

    I’d be curious if it would be possible to ‘go over’ what she has done to make it more visible. Some of my scars that I have that have healed and been recut have come out with some, uh, visible results. But those aren’t in a design, so I’m not sure what the results would be from redoing a planned cutting….

  37. Robin, I actually really like the way this has settled, but that’s just me. It’s subtle and imho totally lovely. <3

  38. I have had the same occurance with my scarification that was done on my legs. I knew from previous injuries it probably would fade so I planned ahead on it, now after 6 years it is only noticable if I point it out and stretch the skin tight. My arm scarifications have stayed nicely in place over the past 4 years, as have other scars that were on my arms from cat scratches. Different body parts scar different sometimes.

  39. I agree with the different body parts scarring differently. My side is lined with fat reddish-purple keloids, though the cutting on my arms faded to just a few shades lighter than my skin with no raised lines at all. The most noticeable part is how it interrupts the pattern my hair grows on..Its almost like zebra stripes!

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